Europe, from war to peace: a deserved Nobel Prize?

For the first time in history, generations of Europeans are living without fear of war in their own country. The European Council ha commissioned a short film that takes viewers from yesterday’s Europe where conflicts were settled on bloody battlefields, to present day Europe where conflicts are resolved through negotiation. It shows how the EU has contributed, and continues to contribute, to promote and secure peace, democracy, the rule of law and human rights.

“Alfred Nobel was a European born in a time of major conflicts in Europe,” the Council said in a press release. “Now, more than a hundred years since Alfred Nobel wrote his will about peace congresses, reduction of standing armies and fraternization among nations, 500 million Europeans live in peaceful coexistence within the EU.”

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the EU at a time when Europe is in deep recession and social turmoil, and has been criticised by some country members of the EU itself.

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