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Ana López-Varela
Ana has a degree in Communication Sciences from San Pablo CEU University, a Master in Journalism from El Pais and in graphic design from CICESA. She was a founder of the daily ADN, as well as head of its Madrid Cultural Section, until its closure. She has worked for the music magazine Rolling Stone, the weekly publication Salir, Salir, the Yahoo! portal and the sports section of Spain's leading daily newspaper El Pais. Ana is a regular collaborator for Esquire, La Butxaca and Grazzia. She is also director and editor for the family leisure magazine Pequenos Monztruos. For the last year and a half, after completing a course at the Menendez Pelayo University to become a Specialist in Economic News, Ana has worked for Consenso del Mercado ( and for the Consejeros group.

Paris summit leaves us cold

The Paris climate change summit (COP21) felt like the last opportunity to curb the threat of climate change and what was at stake, and remains so, is the world economy. But fixing the global target for maximum warming at 1.5C, when a minimum of 2C was seen as necessary, and an optimal scenario of 4C had been considered, does not appear to meet expectations. Particularly if the agreement does nothing to pave the the way to achieving this.