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Fernando Gonzalez Urbaneja
Over 30 years working in economic journalism. Fernando was founder and chief-editor at El País, general editor at the business daily Cinco Días, and now teaches at Universidad Carlos III. He's been president of the Madrid Press Association and the Spanish Federation of Press Associations. He's also member of the Spanish press complaints commission.

“Catalonia burns” twenty days from the elections

Fernando G. Urbaneja | The electoral campaign from which will emerge the new Parliament and, perhaps, a government remains wrapped in this week´s “Catalunya in flames” with unforeseeable consequences, above all among the 20% of undecided voters.

Spain should look to Portuguese jerigonza

Fernando G. Urbaneja | Portugal evicted its dictatorship a couple of years before Spain (in 1974), although it had also embraced it a few years before (in 1923). The country suffered an authoritarian regime, such as Spain, during the central four decades of the twentieth century. Portugal and Spain are two neighboring countries with shared and divergent stories, which however live on their backs although they have more things in common than current opinion admits. We are seeing some interesting unwanted similarities -and the Portuguese are ahead of the curve.


Spain elections

Political parties in Spain change their message before the elections

Fernando G. Urbaneja | A week ago, I pointed out as a hypothesis that “as it seems unlikely, as unassuming, another failure to form a government, new possibilities for pacts are opened that months ago were impossible because of the stubbornness of their leaders. In early 2020 these impossible pacts may be inevitable.” I made a mistake in judgement. No need to wait until 2020, new possibilities for pacts have appeared. The scenario before the next legislature in Spain is much more flexible than the previous one.

Spain: elections more uncertain than before

Fernando G. Urbaneja | Spanish politicians have been unable to interpret last April´s elections and, having dissolved parliament, have summoned Spaniards to vote again on 10 November. In principle it seems that the new parliament will look much like the old one, but the latest polls detect some changes among the voters.


Spain recession

Spain: the recession will arrive with the house broken

Fernando G. Urbaneja | The risk of recession is beginning to be seen in the data: in exports, as the outer circle of defence. If Germany sells less it also buys less; the powerful Spanish car components and machine tool industries are seeing a fall in orders and noting it is the time to cut back and not expand. Winter is coming and the house is not prepared.

Spain lacks activist investors

Carlos Sáez Gallego: “Spain is a country which has not seen activist shareholders”

Fernando G. Urbaneja | Carlos Sáez Gallego presides over the oldest of the three global proxy solicitors in Spain (1935), those entrusted with securing votes in support of the Board´s proposal in the shareholders´ general assembly. There “we recommend Spanish listed companies to international standards of corporate governance … 47% of their shares lie in international portfolios. That, which is good, sign of confidence, means more pressure to comply with those standards”.

Catalan separatism keeps up the pressure before the Supreme Court

Fernando G. Urbaneja | Throughout the trial of “separatism”, in concrete of the seditious activities carried out by the accused, the separatist strategy of discrediting Spanish democracy and its institutions (a form of the black legend) systematically using international fora and media, has, once again, remained clear.

Spain's government

Spain looks for another consensus in the centre

Fernando G. Urbaneja | Spanish electors closed on Sunday an intense electoral cycle, opened 5 years ago, under the impact of the great recession and technological uncertainty, which sketches out a new political map for the fourth country in the European Union.

“The most urgent problem in Spain is unemployment: you need to get it down to 5%”

Fernando G. Urbaneja | Chairman of the Círculo de Empresarios (Business Round Table in Spain ), John de Zulueta is an experienced member of the Board of Directors of various international firms. From his managerial post as President of the Sanitas Group (BUPA Group), he turned the company into the leader of its market. He is also Vice-President of the Innovation Bankinter Foundation and was member of the Advisory Council of 3i Europe. He spoke to us about how to fix Spain’s labour market (unemployment rate is 14.7%, according to April 25th data), where there are currently “135,000 technological jobs vacant which cannot find the people to fill them.”


Is it possible to reduce unemployment in Spain to 5%?

Fernando G. Urbaneja | John De Zulueta, President of the Circle of Businessmen, believes that Spanish society should aspire to reduce unemployment to 5%, and argues that this would liberate more than €26 billion for savings and investment, public or private, in short for a greater prosperity.