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Fernando Gonzalez Urbaneja
Over 30 years working in economic journalism. Fernando was founder and chief-editor at El País, general editor at the business daily Cinco Días, and now teaches at Universidad Carlos III. He's been president of the Madrid Press Association and the Spanish Federation of Press Associations. He's also member of the Spanish press complaints commission.
panama canal

Panama Canal’s Third Lane To Double Capacity

The Third Set Of Locks project will open a third lane of traffic for ships and will increase the  Panama Canal’s capacity in 2016 to 600 milion tonnes transited from 340 million in 2015, while also increasing the number of journeys to over 16,000 from 13,000. This includes ships with bigger capacity, up to 12,000 containers.


The Panama Papers Or “Global Journalism”

The Panama Papers may have a similar historic reach as the Pentagon Papers, marking the point of no return for reducing the list of countries which protect and promote the lack of fiscal transparency. Tax cooperation between countries with automatic exchange of information (not on request) by all the tax offices does not allow for delays.


Spain Needs 500 Billion Euros Of Funding In 2016

Spain’s political debate is going on between two irreconcilable adversaries, each one with its own issues. Meanwhile, in the back room where the accounts are done, there is hard work going on to refinance the public and private debt which matures every day. Without some tailwinds, Spain (BBB) could once again find itself facing serious problems.



Spain: On the verge of new round of elections

Fernando G. Urbaneja | One of the values of Spain’s democracy over the last forty years has been left behind following the general elections: namely, political stability. Now the Spanish political scenario resembles more that of Belgium than Germany. The results obtained on December 20th have disappointed all parties’ expectations for putting together a parliamentary model, leaving all the hipotheses on how to form a stable government in the dark.

Santander's Spain business

Santander bank starts a federal model

MADRID | July 8, 2015 | Fernando G. Urbaneja | Spanish bank Santander appointed a separate board of directors in Spain, independent from the Group board, which reports to shareholders and regulators. A new federal model that gives the  eurozone’s largest lender by market capitalisation a structure in each one of the markets where it operates, in some cases under a local brand.