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Israel Rafalovich
Israel Rafalovich is a journalist now based in Brussels who has over 50 years of experience in Tel-Aviv, Brussels, Bonn and Washington, DC. He covers Europe and the European institutions and writes a weekly column on International Relations.

EU summit reached a deal but the differences remained

EU Summit: Big Promises But Differences Remain

Israel Rafalovich (Brussels) | After talks that lasted until the early morning hours on Friday, EU leaders reached a deal but the differences remained while heads of states issued victory statements that the summit was a “success”.

Angela Merkel and Pedro Sánchez at the EU Summit on immigration

A Mini Summit On Immigration With No Results

The leaders of sixteen EU countries survived a mini summit with no results but with”frank talk” during an emergency meeting on immigration on Sunday and emerged with a veneer of common purpose.

Climate action is a condition for EU trade deals

An EU Summit Of Challenges Before 2019 European Elections

Israel Rafalovich | The turmoil in Italy and Spain as well as the transatlantic tensions served as a wake-up call for the European Union. On the upcoming EU summit’s agenda will find all the EU challenges : Migration, Eurozone and Defence. EU officials said that the summit will need to re-energise the European Union and call on EU leaders to overcome divisions and implement reforms.

EU Defences Without American Hegemony

By Israel Rafalovich | Things have changed on the international political stage, and the European in particular, that gives the European Union an unprecedented opportunity to mould and shape its own military and foreign policy in a way that makes it possible for the EU to deal with crisis on the European continent and elsewhere without American interference.