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João Marcus Marinho Nunes is a partner of Phynance Estratégias Quantitativas e Investimentos and a professor of Economics at Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo, Brazil. He also blogs here:

The Communications “Conundrum”

Does central banks’ “communication” matter? Some analysts believe it does. Therefore, Draghi may now have to work to repair his reputation as “Super Mario”.

Brazil seems eager to relive the ‘good ole days’

In December 1985, Thomas Sargent spent some time in Brazil, giving speeches and talking to policymakers. Back home in January 1986, he published in the WSJ an Open Letter to the Brazilian Finance Minister: …When you have exhausted all of your opportunities to borrow, you will have to make one or more of unpleasant adjustments such as taxes rises, government expenditures cuts or default on some of you debt…

Look Who’s Leading The ‘Group Of 30’

The international consultative Group of Thirty (G30), whose members are central bankers and bankers from big private banks, has just released a report. They conclude much work remains ahead for governments and central banks to secure a solid recovery.