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Julia Pastor has broad experience in business writing for Consejeros Media Group at Consejeros, Consenso del Mercado and The Corner. Previously, she worked for the financial news agency GBA and contributed to El País Business. She holds a Master's in Financial Journalism and a degree in English from the Complutense University in Madrid.
OPEC post-mortem

OPEC+ Wants Members To Fight Shoulder To Shoulder…

Analysts at BofA Global Research still expect the global oil market to move into a 4.9mn b/d deficit in 4Q20 on the back of the OPEC+ cuts, supporting crude prices. Yet diesel and jetfuel/kerosene make up by far the largest petroleum product group in the oil market. So crude oil prices cannot really rally until distillate demand, jet fuel included, recovers to more normal levels in the next few months.

“Launching a photovoltaic power station requires three years”

Julia Pastor | Chairman and Owner with 90% of the capital of the Spanish energy firm Audax Renovables José Elías regrets that the whole industry has made a terrible mistake. “We were able to generate all that photovoltaic energy and we were able to develop an industry around that, but we screwed up, ruining a lot of citizens. We could not have acted worse,” he reckons. 

“We need accounting experts with the courage of including intangible assets in balance sheets”

Julia Pastor | Board member at the Bermuda Monetary Authority, Professor Karel van Hulle considers that the current accounting standards, which changed last year, “is not good because since it does not recognize the change we are seeing in society whereby people want to have more future-oriented value in the balance sheet.” This is the second part of our conversation.

Prof. Karel Van Hulle

“An auditor should not only look only at what happened in the past”

Julia Pastor | Accounting expert Karel Van Hulle (+30 years of experience at the European Commission) believes that financial states of the companies should focus more on important issues for society. “Firms today are different than the ones we had in the past… they don’t have assets in their balance sheets since all their value is non-tangible.”

"The most urgent thing is to finish the banking union to break the sovereign loop"

“The Most Urgent Thing Is To Finish The Banking Union To Break The Sovereign Banking Loop”

Julia Pastor | Born in Paris, Kalypso Nicolaïdis grew up in Greece. She also has Spanish heritage. Because of all of this she says she has a vision of Europe filtered through the southern roots. Nevertheless she lives and works in Oxford, where she is Professor of International Relations at the University . In her last visit to Madrid she gave a conference in the Fundacion Areces about European economic governance.

John Bogle, pioneer of indexed investment (1929-2019): "The managers' capitalism has betrayed the investors' trust"

John Bogle, Pioneer Of Indexed Investment (1929-2019):”The Managers’ Capitalism Betrayed The Investors’ Trust”

Last week John Bogle died, considered one of the major philanthropists in history.He did it through the Vanguard Fund, which he created in 1975, and which became the first indexed fund for retail clients. In September 2007, just a year before the collapse of Lehman Brothers, we had the opportunity to speak with him about the damage that “the capital of the managers” had caused to people’s savings. The following are some of the opinions he left us.

Time for Spain to get a foreign policy

Did We Really Need The Economist To Call Spain A Full Democracy ?

The Economist Intelligence Unit has published the 11th edition of its ranking on the global state of democracy. Of 165 countries in the world, Spain is ranked 19th for the quality of its democracy. It is not bad given the political instability Spain is experiencing. Nor the open breach in confidence following the crisis between citizens and politicians and citizens and economic powers. Nor taking into account Spaniard’ s tendency to self-flagellation.

“We have such an incompetent government in the UK, incapable of building any consensus"

“We Have Such An Incompetent Government In The UK, Incapable Of Building Any Consensus”

Julia Pastor | From an English father and a Ghanaian mother, Afua Hirsch is a journalist, writer, lawyer and activist for human rights. Her first book, “Brit (ish): On race, identity and belonging”, published current year, has stirred UK historic consciousness by exploring the origin of the identity crisis that the country is suffering, and which, no doubt, has its reflection on the winding road of Brexit.