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Juan Pedro Marín Arrese is a Madrid-based economic analyst and observer. He regularly publishes articles in the Spanish leading financial newspaper 'Expansión'.
Trump's victory day

Trump’s Victory: Europe Faces Tough Times

Many take comfort from the prospect of higher inflation and rising interest rates driven by the fiscal stimulus the President-elect Trump promises to deliver. This will push the dollar up, endowing European exports with increased competitiveness. Yet the currency tailwind expectations might prove short lived as current debt levels curb any significant public deficit-led expansion.

US an empire

Donald Trump Will Shake Up Post-War World Order

A real estate tycoon and reality showman will head the world’s most powerful nation, winning an astonishing victory grounded on outright lies and a shallow promise to make America great. His roguish conduct, threats and abuse towards Hillary Clinton, migrants, women, disabled persons and servicemen killed in action, did not deter voters from supporting him.


Wallonia Wrecks The EU Trade Policy

A Belgian region totalling no more than 3.5 million inhabitants has derailed European Union efforts to conclude a broad trade agreement with Canada. Wallonia’s unexpected rebellion will undoubtedly weigh on any future negotiation involving issues beyond the usual trade in goods, setting a nasty yardstick for the forthcoming Brexit talks.


Should Governments Do Something About Growth?

Central bankers deserve praise for salvaging the economy when it was navegating rough waters. The massive liquidity glut they provided undoubtedly saved the day. Yet this funding bonanza seems unable to boost growth. We know that money doesn’t necessarily bring happiness. But now we discover, much to our dismay, that neither does it guarantee a full- steam recovery.


Dire Outlook For World Trade

The recent G 20 Summit saw widespread concern over the backlash against free trade. The crude populism gaining momentum in many developed countries has raised the banner against globalisation, depicted as the main culprit for all woes. Those losing their jobs or facing tougher labour conditions openly blame imports and open market access for their misfortune.

Spain’s New Deal

The Spanish right and centre parties have brokered an agreement for breaking the current political deadlock. The caretaker Cabinet has held office for nine agonizing months as two general elections failed to produce an outright winner. Even if the settlement reached between the caretaker Popular Party government and Ciudadanos marks a sizeable step forward, it will still fail to deliver enough parliamentary support for securing a stable government. The Socialist Party continue to firmly hold the key to power.

US Federal Reserve Chair Janet L. Yellen speaks during a briefing at the Federal Reserve March 19, 2014 in Washington, DC. Yellen delivered her first briefing as Chair of the US Federal Reserve Board of Governors where she spoke about the US economy. AFP PHOTO/Brendan SMIALOWSKIBRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images

Janet Yellen Misses the Target

At Jackson Hole, Janet Yellen dwelt extensively on the challenges raised by low neutral rates, recognizing the need to broaden the unconventional toolkit for compensating for the subdued impact rate cuts might have in future. By hinting the Fed should reinforce its weaponry, just in case there is an unexpected and most unlikely bout of recession, Janet Yellen is sending the wrong message.