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Lidia Conde
She studied journalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Since 1991, Lidia lives and works in Germany as a correspondent for several Spanish newspapers, in which she has covered the fall of the Berlin Wall and the German reunification. Seeking an answer to how Europe could become competitive and fair, too.

German Elections 2013: Invincible Merkel

FRANKFURT | By Lidia Conde | We saw it coming: today nobody could beat Merkel. No other candidate had won all the opinion polls. The victory of the CDU/CSU with a 42% of votes (according to polls on Sunday), is mainly due to the Chancellor’s charisma. In these times of economic uncertainty, Germans have shown that they do not want experiments nor surprises. She has won the elections saying that Germany is doing well and this Government is the best. No matter whether this is truth or not- the message has passed.

In Germany not all that glitters is gold

MADRID / FRANKFURT  | By Tania Suárez and Lidia Conde | Practically all eyes are on the German elections of September 22 since apparently the future of all Europe lies on those results. However, German political parties have dodged the issue of the economic crisis in order to sell an image of an almighty Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel represents the perfect German: an ordinary, accessible, hardworking woman concerned about her country. The perfect candidate for Germany… or not.

Germany’s boom is wreaking the country

FRANKFURT | Public pensions will be cut down by 2 percent, leaving many retired workers with less than €600 a month. That is under the minimum wages deemed sufficient in the country. Shocked? Don’t be. Look behind the picture of a wealthy Germany.