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Luis Alcaide works as an economist for the Spanish government since 1961. He has been state adviser in the European Union and Bank of Spain director of communications. Alcaide published editorial articles in Spain's leading newspaper El País between 1977 and 1983, and in Diario 16 between 1985 and 1988. He regularly contributes to Economía Exterior and Política Exterior. He's founder member of Grupo Consejeros.
Spain bailout

I want a Spain bailout, now!

The country resists. During the last three years, exports grew at almost the same pace than North America’s, around a 20%.

Spain bailout

Spain needs assistance, rather than financial bailout

Spain needs technical but also political assistance to redress the hesitant and often deficient action of the current government. Even if backed by an overall majority in Parliament, the government seems unable to offer a solvent alternative.


It’s the Single Market, stupid!

MADRID | CAPITALMADRID.COM In the years 1992/93 the Spanish authorities struggled for longer than events recommended to keep the exchange rate of the peseta. Something…