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Ofelia Marín-Lozano is as financial analyst and CEO at 1962 Capital SICAV. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics and is Professor of Global Business Environment and Financial Analysis in Madrid's Icade Business School.
Bayer's M&A deal with Monsanto

Low Interest Rates Fuel Record M&A Deals

Ofelia Marín-Lozano | The exceptionally low interest rate scenario, with short-term rates even in negative territory, are undoubtedly an incentive for major corporate transactions. Being able to get 20-year funding at a fixed annual rate of below 2% is fuelling a slew of M&A deals which, in another scenario, would be prohibitive.

USA stock exchange

Dividends Yields Rise As Returns On Corporate Debt Dwindle

Ofelia Marín-Lozano | In the US stock market, the big companies offer a dividend yield of around 2% and the rate of return on their debt with an average maturity of 5 years is also about 2%. In the European stock market, on the other hand, while the dividend yields of the big companies in the eurozone are at record highs (on average over 4%), what they pay on their debt is at minimum levels.