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Oil gap between Brent and West Texas

The Oil Gap Between Brent And West Texas Is Not Entirely Down To The Recent Saudi Moves

The Crown Prince and de-facto ruler of the Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, (MBS) launched an anti-corruption drive to safeguard the reform and modernization of the Saudi economy. Oil meanwhile looks to have broken out to the upside, which is very much a function of Brent Crude rather than West Texas Intermediate. The gap down started to open in August with Hurricane Harvey, not now with Saudi developments.

Donald Trump in China

5 Things to Know About Trump in China

Caixin | President Xi Jinping is hosting U.S. President Donald Trump in China for the first time since Wednesday. Trump’s visit is part of his whirlwind Asia tour that saw him spend three days in South Korea.Trump will be accompanied by a business delegation that includes the leaders of 28 U.S. companies.

Iberdrola and Endesa affected by drought in Spain

Iberdrola and Endesa’s Results Affected By Impact Of The Drought In Spain

Droughts are not new in Spain, but current year is the third driest year of all time, behind 1981 and 2005. This situation is hitting the hydroelectric capacity of both Spanish utilities Iberdrola and Endesa. In fact, hydroelectric production in Spain fell almost 58% as reservoirs are at 37% capacity when they are normally at 60% during this time of the year.

Global growth

Global Growth Will Be Lower For Longer

Andrew Sheng via Caixin | The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has declared that the global economic recovery is broadening amidst buoyant markets. Its global financial stability report argued that there is a good chance for a sustained recovery and the eventual normalization of monetary policy.