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Spanish mortgages

Spanish Banks Have Refinanced Or Restructured Over 10% Of Existing Mortgages

J.L. M. Campuzano (Spanish Banking Association) | The Spanish banks have made a big effort over the last few years to provide solutions for more than a million households experiencing difficulties in meeting their mortgages repayments. We estimate that over 10% of current existing mortgages have been refinanced or restructured.


President Trump and PM May

Britain Sounds A Warning To Washington

Tariq Al-Shammari | During Barack Obama’s second term in office, the US witnessed significant changes in its National Security Strategy. As per this policy, Washington and London agreed to increase the military and security role of Britain in the Gulf, while America had the opportunity to consolidate its influence in the Asia Pacific. Many articles have been written on this issue by analysts at some of the world’s leading think tanks.

Iberdrola’s good performance this year

Iberdrola, Quality At A Price

Iberdrola’s stock had a good performance this year despite the difficult conditions faced by the group in two of its main markets (the UK and Spain). The negative effect was mainly on the generation and supply side as earnings in this segment decreased by 32%: the UK’s earnings contracted by 75% and the Spanish by 19%. As pointed by Carax- Alphavalue “this was due to lower plant operations (load factor) with contracting margins added to low hydro production and higher transmission costs

Spain public employment

Spain Creates Net Public Sector Employment For First Time Since 2008

Last week the Spanish government announced an offer of nearly 20,000 jobs in the public sector. The offer consists of: 10,318 free entrance posts in the General State Administration and the Justice Administration, as well as a further 5,350 internal promotion posts. There is also a one-time offer of public sector employment involving 4,285 newly created jobs in priority sectors where there is a “deficit” like the Inland Revenue Office, Social Security, Work Inspection and National Identity Document and National Traffic offices.

EU-Japan trade deal

EU: Political Agreement On EU-Japan Trade Deal Sealed

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe signed on Thursday a political agreement on the EU-Japan trade deal, which would be likely completed within months,expectedly by January. Officials said it was not clear at this stage how the EU-Japan deal would be ratified in Europe. Full national ratification gives every national parliament and some regional ones a veto.

US Millenials can afford to buy a home

US Millenials Can Afford To Buy A Home, But Do They Want To Do It?

The homeownership rate among young adults in the United States has plunged to a record low, helping 
to explain the slow recovery in single family homebuilding. In order to understand the future of the housing stock, it helps to tell that there are currently 75 million individuals considered to be Millennials in the US with an average age of 27.5. Acording to BoAML, “in theory, this should underpin growth in homeownership. But, it is complicated – we have to understand the ability of Millennials to afford housing and the desire to become homeowners vs. renters.”

ArcelorMittal acquisition of Ilva

The Consolidation Of The European Steel Sector: The Example Of ArcelorMittal

Íñigo Recio (GVC Gaesco) | The acquistion of the Italian company Ilva is a strategic operation for ArcelorMittal for the following reasons: 1)it did not have any industrial presence in Italy; 2)the deal means it can cope with steel imports in the Italian market – one of the principal access ports to Europe from non-community steel producing countries (mainly Asia) – and 3) it allows for greater steel prices discipline in Europe.

Greece: There's always the next parliamentary season

Greece: There’s always the next parliamentary season

Nick Malkoutzis via Macropolis  | A stale parliamentary debate that rarely stayed on topic seemed a good way to wrap up another disappointing political season in Greece. The country has been stuck in a deep, dark hole for almost a decade and now it has a chance for a change in fortune. But its decision makers will have to display much more vision, determination and mastery than was on display in Parliament on Monday.