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The ECB will be unable to normalize its monetary policy soon

The ECB Will Be Unable To Normalize Its Monetary Policy Soon

The ECB will not start the normalization of its monetary policy in 2019. This is the bet of Philippe Waechter, chief economist at Ostrum AM (affiliated to Natixis AM). He also thinks that the interest rate level will remain stable, that the refi rate and the deposit rate will remain at the current level in 2019.

Xi Jinping arrives in Spain with "major investment projects" and "important trade agreements" under his arm

Xi Jinping Arrives In Spain With “Major Investment Projects And Trade Agreements” Under His Arm

From today until Thursday the President of China, Xi Jinping, is on an official visit to Spain. It is the first visit to Spain by a President of China for 13 years. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, both countries will seek to advance the bilateral relationship in multiple areas, from bilateral political relations, geopolitics, economics and the educational-linguistic area to science, among others.

Dominant corporate lobbies threaten publicinterest in EU

Dominant Corporate Lobbies Threaten EU Public Interest

Theresa Crysmann |  In the world’s second biggest lobbying capital after Washington DC, around 30,000 lobbyists also work outside of office hours to advance the interests of their mostly corporate employers.  Conservative estimates put the annual value of the city’s lobby machine at €1.5 billion.

Food industry: Feeding the future, feeding a growing planet

Feeding The Future, Feeding A Growing Planet

It’s a simple question: Will we be able to feed everyone if the population of the planet rises from about 7 billion people today to 9-10 billion in 2050? Several experts at Citi have tried to anwer this question, starting from mentioning Thomas Malthus’ Essay on the Principles of Population, and concluding that  food industry in its current format is unsustainable for future demand.

Forty years of democratic Spain: Haves and have-nots of labour market

Forty Years Of Democratic Spain: Haves And Have-Nots Of Labour Market

William Chislett | Spain has moved from a labour market characterised during the Franco regime by heavy state intervention, no free trade unions, the prohibition of strikes and lock-outs, a low female participation rate and paternalistic legislation to one that is flexible, but marked by consistently high unemployment.

China and the US, for the better and the worse, look like more than many can admit

China And The US, For The Better And The Worse, Look Like More Than Many Can Admit

In this new binary world where China is bad and the US is good, there is a great danger of over-looking the very real structural risks in the west at the moment. As told by Mark Tinker, AXA strategist in Asia, one of the current amusing party games might be to play ‘substitute the words US for China in different bearish economic projection’ and see if it worries you more or less.

Repsol reinforces its exploration position in Alaska with 12 blocks

Repsol Reinforces Its Exploration Position In Alaska With 12 Blocks

Repsol has secured 12 new blocks in an area near to Pikka, the largest on-land oil discovery in the US in the last 30 years. The oil company has secured mining domination in a zone situated south of the River Colville (Alaska, US), where ConocoPhillips has also made significant discoveries. Repsol´s partner Oil Search has also secured four leasing contracts.