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Indeed, poor rich children

In London and Madrid, NGO Save the Children has given a word of alert: the economic crisis is hitting hard those who are more vulnerable. Medicines and food aren’t as available as they should be to them.

Obama wins his first vote from Bernanke

Two months before the US general elections, the Federal Reserve activates a package of expansionary monetary policy that will artificially inject life into the US economy. Carlos Díaz sees this is a vote for Obama.

Banking Union, now!

National supervision and control has had its days, analysts at la Caixa claim. The survival of the European Monetary Union now depends on speeding up banking system integration. Or else.

Inditex strikes again: 32pc net profit growth

The Spanish Group approached the €1 billion net profit mark in the first six months of the year, surpassing analysts expectations. Although growth comes from non-domestic demand, investment in Spain will reach €450 million.