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Victor Jimenez
London contributor at, reporting about the City and the Eurozone economies. He regularly writes for Spanish newspaper group Prensa Ibérica--some of his features include shared work with journalists of The Daily Telegraph and the BBC.
Parques Reunidos buy Australian water park

Lagarde pleads for cooperation before Sydney G20’ s meeting

WASHINGTON | Via IMF’s Staff | Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors will meet on the Australina city  on February 22-23. The IMF’ s staff has prepared a note as an anticipation of the event. The institution says the recovery is still weak and significant downside risks remain, thus further action and cooperation are needed to promote financial stability and robust economic upturn.

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Pescanova and the vermin of corruption

LONDON & VIGO | By Víctor Jiménez | Chairman Juan Manuel Urgoiti recently called on partners involved in Pescanova’s rescue bargaining to avoid liquidation in a public, desperate letter addressed to shareholders, workers, creditors and ‘the wider market’. But secretly, many more operators in the industry would have not felt it as far-reached if he had included among the receivers a few ancient Greek gods, whose very human moods used to govern haphazard and catastrophe over the Old World.

France colonialism

France’s 19th Century Foreign Policy Fails in 2014

President Francois Hollande faces the question of whether Paris should have intervened in the CAR, where a significant percentage of the country’s citizens view France’s intervention as a form of 21st century neo-colonialism. France was clearly naïve to believe that deploying fewer than 2,000 troops to a destabilized nation bordering on anarchy and awash with arms would restore stability.

Europe waits for Merkel

MADRID|Rafael Poch at La Vanguardia via Presseurop|At the start of her new mandate, Angela Merkel is putting the emphasis on Europe. And, as always, Europeans are expecting a lot from her. Will she go down in history as one of the great chancellors? It all depends on what happens in Europe.

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EM markets are likely to enjoy supportive conditions

LONDON | By Barclays analysts | EM markets are likely to enjoy supportive conditions over the next few weeks. The resolution of the US government shutdown, expectations of QE tapering pushed further into 2014, the emergence of some EM re-coupling to stronger global manufacturing and still-attractive EM valuations should all be helpful factors. Liquidity considerations are likely to become a less important market driver, and higher-yielding EM assets, particularly in EM credit, should attract further support where bottom-up fundamentals allow.

The City reads Eurozone recovery signs in prudent mood

LONDON | By Victor Jimenez | In a cautious tone common to other voices heard today in the City, analysts reminded investors that most governments in Europe continue amassing public spending bills worryingly higher than their income. 

European economies unhappy in their own way

LONDON | By Victor Jimenez | What sounds optimistic for Italy and Spain can dampen the picture of Germany as almost unassailable European economic engine. The IMF alerted that the German over-reliance on exports would cut down its growth.