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US stocks: too high for their own good

Analysts at Barclays pointed at the already noticeable slow down in company investment to alert about future job creation data. The US could be in for a nasty surprise: something to do with the “fiscal cliff”.

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Shame about the ‘nein’ to a Banking Union

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, financial analyst at XTB, accuses core euro governments of impeding progress towards a real Banking Union that would stop contagion spreading from public debt risk to credit entities.

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European banks too careless about investors’ trust

The European Banking Authority delivered its latest examination on entities’ compliance with information disclosure. Banks appear to be oblivious of regulators’ demand for more transparency, let alone investors’.

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Standard & Poor’s dumps Spanish debt

Market reaction to Spanish sovereign downgrade by the ratings agency may not have shown visible concerns on Thursday, but the credibility of Madrid’s and Berlin’s recovery plans is ebbing away.

ESM’s dummy guns won’t deter looters

The European Stability Mechanism, the euro bailout fund, was designed to avoid a rapidly approaching doomsday scenario. But Germany’s tendency to backtrack in the last moment will only scare investors even more. Market pressure on Madrid is mounting again.

The LatAm lifeline of Spain’s big banks

Spain’s largest banks have built up a bigger footprint in Latin America to hedge against recession-hit European markets. Their bet is now paying off. The economies of the region are still expanding.