Spain’s foreign sector brings good news

BARCELONA | By CaixaBank | Exports to countries outside the euro area rise by 14.5% year-on-year. Spain’s net debt position with the rest of the world falls to 93.7% of GDP.

Spain’s banking industry is no loser

MADRID | As 3 out of 4 entities will be sold to solvent banks, buyers will get a real bargain in the ensuing merger process. But then, Bankia is still here.

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Is the euro zone stabilising?

In the euro zone, cash in circulation, and short-term and long-term bank deposits, money market funds grew at a year on year rate of 4 percent in October.

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Mr Carney and his charts

A less leveraged banking sector has helped Canada to find its way towards economic recovery. But the more aggressive monetary policies of its central bank also explain the success in dealing with the current crisis.

“Greece needs use drachma with euro to balance its accounts”

MADRID | An interview by Tania Suárez | The Greek labyrinth does have an exit, but creditors must acknowledge there are losses to bear. After all, says Hanseatic Brokerhouse’s director Gabriel Montalto, a so-called Grexit would force Germany to assume up to 80 percent of losses.