Brussels fiscal advices miss the target

MADRID | By JP Marín Arrese | So long Germany maintains a staunchly depressed environment, Brussels fiscal advices with no plan to boost employment and growth will soon run out of steam.

The Fed to cool Bernanke’s QE down

MADRID | By Carlos Díaz Guell | Federal funds’ main interest rates, currently at 0% and 0.25%, are likely to remain untouched. Why? The Fed explained it wouldn’t increase them unless unemployment rate falls.

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Who are the Real Winners From Complex Financial Regulations?

Former Irish Prime Minister John Bruton believes the response to the financial crisis has been ever more complex financial regulations. For him, that is a mistake, since they carry huge economic costs, divert talent, time and money away from productive activity and don’t make the European economy more competitive.

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The slow but sure repo market

BARCELONA | CaixaBank Research | The action taken by the ECB has prevented a disaster and is designed to ensure a gentle, gradual normalization. Several signs support this second interpretation. For example, the early repayment of LTRO loans.

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Investment in Europe’s periphery becoming sexier

Sure, the eurodrama is a fact. But there is a growing interest about investing in the peripheral Europe. Morgan Stanley has conducted a survey among investment managers and 38% of them expect the CDS of the Spanish sovereign bond to be between 150-200bp over the next 12 months.