United States: demagoguery cliff

WASHINGTON | Fear of spending cuts and fiscal cliff has made the U.S. defense officials cut spending even before they were forced to do so. A good example of commendable public spirit, even if a bit exaggerated.

Fewer banks resort to the European Central Bank

BARCELONA |By CaixaBank analysts | The Basel III liquidity requirements are made more flexible. Those countries in crisis can postpone the application of bank liquidity coverage ratio regulations.

Europe’s still scared of inflation

By Carlos Díaz Guell | While the German chancellor refuses to give in to the growth pact for which half of Europe sighs, Hollande leads the southern countries’ complaints, very aware that France’s economic stand is getting weaker by the quarter. It’s inflation’s fault.

“German banks haven’t been supervised the way the Spanish have”

By Revista Consejeros | Roberto Higuera, deputy president of Banco Popular: “When they had trouble with Hypo Ryal more than €100 billion were needed, whereas in Spain it turned out that we could do with less than €40 billion. What marked the difference is that Spain had to ask for help, while Germany put the money from its own pocket.”