After 45 months of S&P 500 rises

MADRID | By Javier Flores, analyst at Asinver | The question, of course, is how long it will take for the curve to head downwards. No expansion lasts for ever.

Europe should go for micro solutions

LONDON | If more than 99% of all European businesses are, in fact, small businesses that shape the true back-bone of the European economy, European governments are clearly missing the chance to generate at least a few millions of new jobs.

Has the ECB really done its best to fight the eurocrisis?

MADRID | By J.L.M. Campuzano | Fitch’s decision to downgrade Italian debt from A – to BBB + last Friday didn’t come as a big surprise. Nor did the negative outlook. However, it does pose a warning about the fundamental problems of this country and of the rest of the eurozone, where authorities and investors are currently showing a disturbing complacency/conviction in a better future.

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Oops, Cristina Kirchner did it again

Argentina has so far led investors to believe that it is ready to default if necessary to avoid the New York court’s ruling. That reaction, although less than surprising, would worsen further its lack of credibility.