Iberdrola will light up New York

Iberdrola Will Light Up New York

New York state (US) has awarded two contracts for the construction of a wind farm and a solar power plants to Avangrid Renewables, the US subsidiary of Iberdrola.

Caixabank, Telefónica, El Corte Inglés or Iberdrola, the Spanish firms best prepared to confront 2019

Caixabank, Telefónica, El Corte Inglés Or Iberdrola, The Spanish Firms Best Prepared To Confront 2019

Caixabank, Telefónica, El Corte Inglés or Iberdrola are some of the companies which are best prepared to confront a year which will serve as a point of inflection for the economy facing the uncertainties, both national and international, which will end up damaging economic growth, according to the latest report of the consultancy Advice Strategic Consultants.

Iberia grows more than IAG´s other airlines, while Brexit is debated

Iberia Grows More Than IAG’s Other Airlines, While Brexit Is Debated

The British/Spanish company carried 112.9 million passengers last year, an increase of +7.7% over 2017, and with a load factor of 88.3%, an increase of +0.7%. Iberia achieved a year on year increase in traffic of 11.7%. As well as Iberia (including Iberia express), two other airlines of the group, Aer Lingus and Vueling, contributed to this growth with a 9.8% increase in traffic, while British Airway’s traffic increased 3.3%.

Tecnicas Reunidas announce new tenders at the end of 2018

Tecnicas Reunidas Gains New Tenders At The End Of 2018

Tecnicas Reunidas has announced it has secured the tenders for three contracts at the close of 2018 for around 1 billion dollars (870 million euros). The new tenders are the most positive aspect in recent months. In the middle of November a new contract was also announced for 1.27 billion euros.

Will China Really Succeed The US As Global Leader?

It seems natural to answer yes, but I have never completely believed it, despite the statistical forecasts which say it will. China is a giant economy with feet of mud. Looking at the evolution of the US towards its privileged position, China seems nothing like it.

Iberdrola will sign a global agreement with Nissan to promote electric cars

Iberdrola Will Sign A Global Agreement With Nissan To Promote Electric Cars

Iberdrola and the Japanese car maker are preparing a joint project to develop the chargers for electric cars, thanks to the intelligent networks infrastructure of the Basque electrical company. The final objective is that Iberdrola’s networks should support the charging for Nissan’s electric cars, for whom the “Nissan Leaf Zero Emission” is its main bid for an electrically powered saloon.