Metrovacesa's return to market

Metrovacesa Chooses A Bad Day To Return To The Market

Amidst the market turbulence of the last few days, Metrovacesa  returned to the stock exchange through the back door. Between the fact that its share offer was already somewhat jinked (after it was forced to reduce the price due to a lack of investor appetite) and that yesterday’s session was dominated by fear, the property firm’s shares fell 3% on their debut.

Firms with a greater ROE gain more weight in stock markets

Stock Markets Are Not The Same As They Were A Century Ago

Comparing the average PER of a current stock market index with what it was historically is a simplistic approximation and can lead to wrong conclusions. In fact, we should take into account the differences in ROE. In the big stock market indices (S&P 500 in the US, Euro Stoxx 50 in the Eurozone) companies with a greater ROE have been gaining more weight.