Barclays has cut target price for Telefónica four times in three months

Barclays Does Not Settle On Target Price For Telefonica

In three months, Barclays has cut its price target for Telefónica on four occasions, from 9,8 euros/share in December to 9 euros/share last time round, on March 19. That’s almost 10% lower. How can a company’s value change so much in such a short space of time?

Whether markets are expensive or cheap can be measured by dividend yield.

Dividends Are High And Increasing; Biggest Yields Found In The Insurance And Oil Sectors

One of the most objective measures for judging whether the stock market is expensive or cheap is the dividend yield. At the moment, the main global stock markets offer real returns which are superior to those of long-term sovereign bonds. For example, 34 of the 40 biggest French firms, those which make up the CAC40, have increased dividends over the last year.

Tubos Reunidos' share price declines by 40%

Tubos Reunidos drops 40% in two days because PWC casts doubts on its capacity to continue operating

The share price of Spanish Tubos Reunidos, manufacturer of tubular steel, has accumulated declines of 40% since the auditor’s report from PWC, publised on March 13, said the following: “significant deviations in the key measures and hypothesis of the plan (…) point to a basic uncertainty which may create important doubts about the Group’s capacity for continuing to operate.”

ACS and Atlantia will share control of Abertis

ACS And Atlantia Will Share Control Of Abertis

So here is the final chapter in the story of the bid for Abertis: ACS and Atlantia have agreed to share management of the new company they will create to buy Abertis, in which they will each hold a 50% stake. Both companies want to keep the current management team. The chairman will be Spanish and Abertis’ HQ will be in Madrid.