Ferrovial Closed 2019 with a Profit of 268 Million Euros

Renta 4 | Ferrovial (FER) obtained a net profit of 268 million euros last year, which managed to settle in “black numbers” and thus reverse the losses with which it had closed 2018 and had been justifying over the first three quarters of 2019, thanks to the capital gains from the sale of the Ausol highway in Malaga.

Is it the Fed that has changed... or the world around it?

Treasuries Yields Plunged, Hiting Historic Lows. VIX Soared To 32

BBVA Research | Covi-19 jolts equities and sovereign yields again as mounting coronavirus cases outside China dashed hopes that the outbreak had been contained. U.S. Treasury 10Yyield hit historic lows, dropping below 1.30%. Elsewhere, the WHO stated that the covid-19 has the potential to become a pandemic, while the U.S. warned not to travel to Spain to avoid potential dangers.

Endesa dividend yield

Endesa And Enel Put In Place A Contingency Plan To Combat Coronavirus

Endesa board of directors includes Italian members of Enel, such as the CEO of the Italian energy company, Francesco Starace, who is vice president of the Spanish company, and who, due to this plan, did not attend the meeting of the company’s governing body convened to approve the company’s last year’s results.

Equity And Bond Investors Agree To Disagree

Stock and bond investors seem to have very different assessments of the impact of the virus: despite a pickup in realised volatility, equity markets (especially in the developed world) have reached new highs over the last couple of weeks. The VIX index rose above 17 at the end of last week, but is well below the levels seen in August 2019 in the midst of the US-China trade war (24.6) or at the end of December 2018 when recession fears gripped markets (36). Implied earnings growth rates for equities remain solidly positive, even for the MSCI Emerging Markets index (about 5% over the next year). The view from the equity market seems clear: COVID-19 is a risk but should not derail the supportive context for corporate earnings and stock prices.

Renfe Begins Its Activity In The US With $6,000 M Contract

The agreement between Renfe Operadora and Central Texas reached in 2019 to develop the first high speed ​​project in the US, that will link the cities of Houston and Dallas / Fort Worth, in the State of Texas. The contract will involve a turnover of 6,000 million dollars for the Spanish railway operator, the largest industrial contract of a Spanish company abroad, along with that of the AVE to Mecca.

How effective is China’s response to the coronavirus outbreak?

Virus Spread Maintains Pressure On Equity Markets

Equity markets tumbled worldwide following the wide spread of the coronavirus epidemic beyond China. European stocks dropped most since 2016, with Italy’s MIB index dropping 5.43%, while the declines were more contained in Asia. Elsewhere, implied volatility increased further (VIX 23+6 points).