Enagas and Reganosa will create a consortium to operate in the Persian Gulf

Enagas Allies With Reganosa To Go To Kuwait Together

Enagas and Reganosa, who were unable to integrate in Spain, have signed an agreement to present themelves jointly ain the tendering process for the operation and maintenance services for one of the largest Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) in the Al-Zour refinery in Kuwait.

The mutualist roots of Mapfre has not let it keep up with the rest of the sector

The Mutualist Roots Of Mapfre Has Not Let It Keep Up With The Rest Of The Sector

The Spanish leader in insurance has registered a modest performance of +14% in the last two years, the weakest among the insurers analysed at Alphavalue. Since August 2017, when the hurricane season began in the US, Mapfre has not been able to keep up with the rest of the sector. In Alphavalue´s estimates, the company should benefit from a first series of three consecutive years of growth in net profits in the period 2018-20.

Naturgy enters the TOP 5 of independent renewable operators in Australia

Naturgy Enters The Top 5 Independent Renewable Operators In Australia

Australia has awarded to a subsidiary of Naturgy a total of 180 MW installed capacity in a windpower project located approximately 150km from the city of Melbourne. The wind farm is expected to contribute gross operating profits (Ebitda) of approximately 22 million euros when it is in full operation.

Small companies come with more risk, but also with more potential

The Large Advantages Of Small Companies

Small companies are quite easy to ignore. After all, analysts rarely cover them, you may not have heard of them, and you are unlikely to have their products in your home. However, “small companies are often the ones that offer the biggest potential”, as said by analysts at Wisdom Tree.

Amadeus will join other six Spanish companies in the Eurozone's index

Amadeus Enters The EuroStoxx50 After The Departure Of Deutsche Bank

Just a year ago Amadeus was left just outside the EuroStoxx50, the main stock market index in the Eurozone. But this year´s revision has guaranteed, at last, its entry, which will take effect on 24 September. Amadeus will join other Spanish companies which form part of the index such as Santander, BBVA, Iberdrola, Telefonica and Inditex.

emerging markets are investor's Achilles heel those days

Emerging Markets: Ever more in doubt

Miguel Navascués | Emerging markets continue seething and carry with them ever less confidence. The latest sign is that the flight of capital has sought refuge in US bonds (and in Wall Street, a new record), among other destinations, and has reduced the yield curve to a minimum of many years of 0.23%.