agrees on sale of its 20.07 % stake at €19/share

Aramco Enters The Spanish Market Through An Alliance With Repsol To Produce Synthetic Fuels

The Spanish oil and gas group has announced an agreement with Saudi state oil company Aramco for the development of synthetic fuels. The agreement begins with an industrial conversion project in the Petronor factory (Basque Country) and would later be transferred to the rest of Repsol’s facilities globally. Repsol will invest 80M euros to modify some of Petronor’s production processes via two projects.

Oil: dipping below USD 60 as fears become fact

The Oil Rally Continues

Darwei Kung (DWS) | The oil rally continues. On the supply side, OPEC and Rus-sia reached an agreement to extend the June production cap into July instead of implementing the planned scaling down of cuts. This is perhaps a sign that the major produc-ers are conscious of the oil market’s fragility despite the recent rise in oil prices. Large inventory overhangs support that fear. On the demand side, the re-opening of economies across the globe has brought significant optimism, even though the amount of realized demand that has emerged give little support for it.

Cryptocurrencies turn ten years; 2019 could be the year of tokenization

Crypto Corner: Cryptoassets Down Amid Wider Selloff While Congress Mulls Digital Dollar

Adam Vettese (eToro) | The US Congress is mulling the idea of creating digital dollars to help the unbanked in America. It laid plans, according to Decrypt, for the Federal Reserve to provide bank accounts to those whom the banking industry does not. So-called “FEDaccounts” would operate through US Post Offices. Meanwhile former chairman of the US Commodities and Futures Trading Commission Chris Giancarlo recommended a form of Central Bank Digital Currency at a Congressional hearing. 

Grifols Starts Manufacturing Its Immunoglobulin For The Treatment Of Covid-19

Grifols announced yesterday that it has started production of hyperimmune immunoglobulin as a potential therapy for Covid-19. This makes it the first company to begin manufacturing anti-SARS-CoV-2 hyperimmune immunoglobulin, the first doses of which will be available in July. The aim is to integrate it into a clinical trial to evaluate its efficacy and subsequently begin the regulatory process for its approval.

Corporate profits

SIX Achieves 93.16% Acceptance In Its BME Takeover Bid, Becoming Its Majority Shareholder

The combination of BME and SIX, both leaders in their respective national financial markets, will create a diversified group with a strong presence throughout Europe. It will become the third largest infrastructure group in the European financial market and the tenth largest in the world by revenues. SIX believes this transaction will strengthen the Spanish and Swiss ecosystems by creating centres of excellence and providing new capabilities for BME and SIX participants.

While Waiting For A Counter-Bid, MasMovil Accelerates Growth Via Corporate Operations

The telecommunications operator, which is in the midst of a takeover bid, is relaunching its commitment to growth with four corporate transactions. These are: the acquisition of Lycamobile, a mobile virtual operator focused on the immigrant market and its subsidiary in Portugal; the purchase of Ahimás, which specialises in rural areas; and the launch of its Basque subsidiary Guuk. The Lycamobile deal, worth €372 M, is the most important one. It was agreed in February and approved by the board on May 28.

Why 2019 could be the year of another tech bubble crash

Nasdaq Clears 10,000 For First Time Ever

(eToro) | US stock indices snapped a winning streak that had lasted for over a week on Tuesday, with the S&P 500 falling 0.8% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing 1.1% lower. The Nasdaq Composite was still in the green, however, driven by a positive day for information technology stocks. It is now up by close to 11% year-to-date and has surpassed the huge milestone of 10,000 for the first time ever. 

Telefónica Buys 10,100 Towers From Its German Subsidiary Through Its Telxius Infrastructure Arm; Cuts Debt By €500 M

Telxius, Telefónica’s infrastructure subsidiary, will carry out a capital increase of 1.5 billion euros to buy towers from Telefónica Deutschland. Telxius will finance 90% of the acquisition via a capital increase – which will be subscribed by current shareholders in proportion to their stake – as well as internally generated resources. The remaining 10% will be financed through incremental debt.

Only The Coronavirus Has Been Able To Knock Inditex Back

Inditex has published results for its first fiscal quarter (February-April), reflecting as expected the strong impact of the coronavirus: historical losses of €409 million, positive EBITDA although 78% lower than in Q1’19, and a 44% drop in revenues. Nevertheless, the company confirmed the payment of a dividend against 2019 results of 0.35 euros/share, 60% less than a year earlier.