Global financial markets

Fixed-income management: uninteresting interest rates?

C. Rendu de Lint (UBP) | On the one hand, we have Mr Hyde: the uncertainty that surrounds the US–China trade talks which is impacting world trade. On the other we have Dr Jekyll: world growth is holding up to the tune of 3% for 2019, which is close to its six-year average.

The stock market boom could last until 1Q2020

Intermoney | The week that begins will be shorter than usual to be marked by the Christmas holidays. Thus, European stock markets will open only on Monday 23, Tuesday 24 half session and Friday December 27, while Wall Street stock markets will open on Monday 23, Tuesday 24 (half session), Thursday 26 and Friday, December 27. We believe this week could be quite positive for Western markets, as the picture has been clarified enough in the two sources of uncertainty that have been determining in the evolution of the markets, i) the commercial conflict, and ii) Brexit.

Conservative Majority Brings Some Certainty To The UK – For Now

Allianz GI / Victory for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative party in the UK general election is likely to be welcomed by markets and potentially boosts prospects for the UK economy. It doesn’t, however, end the Brexit uncertainty overnight – and the UK continues to be vulnerable to a late-cycle global environment.

Interest rates

Who or what is to blame for such low interest rates?

DWS | Although many experts accuse central banks, private sector savings and investment trends are equally important. Eurozone sovereign debt yields have rebounded since the August lows but remain firmly anchored in negative territory. The question is not whether the ECB will raise its interest rates again but how to create an environment in which companies are willing to invest to generate profitability and that part of that profitability returns to the lenders.