Urbas will build a tourist megacomplex in Cuba investing 3,500 M€

Urbas Will Build A Tourist Megacomplex in Cuba Investing 3,500 M€

After three years of negotiations with Cuban authorities, Spanish real estate Urbas has agreed to create a joint venture with CubaGolf, a company that depends on the Cuban Tourism Ministry, to build a tourism and residential complex in the Pasacaballos, to the south of the city of Cienfuegos, with a total investment of around 3.5 billion euros. The company is a classic among the small caps of the Spanish market. Year 2018 was the worst for Urbas since 2008 financial crisis outbreak.

DIA supermarkets, in the middle of the process of repositioning of their business model

DIA Supermarkets, In The Middle Of The Process Of Repositioning Of Their Business Model

The supermarket chain DIA has announced the new configuration of its Executive Committee. This will include a Director of Transformation, will seek to redesign the business model, simplifying the processes and increasing efficiency. However, there remains uncertainty about the success of this repositioning because of the very aggressive competitive environment.

Abengoa anticipates tripling its billing in 10 years

Abengoa Anticipates Tripling Turnover In 10 Years

Abengoa has presented its 10 year viability plan. The company anticipates to reach a turnover of 2.86 billion euros in 2023 and 4.202 billion euros in 2028. Moreover, its portfolio of  will increase from 1.75 billion euros in 2019 to 4.01 billion euros in 2028, thanks to identified projects, whose value rises to almost 30 billion euros.

Merger in sight in Spanish banking sector: Unicaja and Liberbank could create the sixth largest entity for assets

Merger In Sight In Spanish Banking Sector: Unicaja And Liberbank To Create The Sixth Largest Entity For Assets

Unicaja Banco and Liberbank have acknowledged this Wednesday preliminary contacts for a possible corporate operation without, for now, having taken any decision. If the operation is carried out, the resulting bank would be the sixth largest in assets overtaking Bankinter and could achieve cost synergies of around 200 million euros (50% of the base costs of Liberbank in 2018).

Solarpack: another actor comes onto Spain's solar energy scene

Solarpack: Another Actor Comes Onto Spain’s Solar Energy Scene

Shares of Solarpack, a company specialized in the construction and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants, based on the Basque country, started trading on Wednesday, at the Bilbao stock exchange. Solarpack announced that the book-building process for the initial offering of its ordinary shares has been completed with an offer price of €8.3 per ordinary share and an offering size of €100 M.