“Loyalty Shares May Make A Takeover Bid More Difficult And A Company Less Attractive”

Mari Pinardo | “Loyalty shares, which confer additional voting rights to investors who have held shares for two years, strengthen the position of majority shareholders and produce a gap between their economic commitment and their voting power. They can make a takeover bid more difficult, reduce liquidity and the value of a company less attractive,” says Maria Rotondo, co-director of the IE executive sustainability program.

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Prof. Karel Van Hulle

“An auditor should not only look only at what happened in the past”

Julia Pastor | Accounting expert Karel Van Hulle (+30 years of experience at the European Commission) believes that financial states of the companies should focus more on important issues for society. “Firms today are different than the ones we had in the past… they don’t have assets in their balance sheets since all their value is non-tangible.”