"Trump is the best thing that has happened to Europe"

“Trump Is The Best Thing That Has Happened To Europe”

Lidia Conde (Fráncfort) | Daniel Dettling is professor, editor and president of the Future Institute of Berlin Zukunftspolitik, one of the most prestigious European think tanks in Euro trends and futures thinking. Advises parties, ministries and companies. In his last book, “An agenda for the Neorepublic”, he focuses on the configuration of a just future.

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"The most urgent thing is to finish the banking union to break the sovereign loop"

“The Most Urgent Thing Is To Finish The Banking Union To Break The Sovereign Banking Loop”

Julia Pastor | Born in Paris, Kalypso Nicolaïdis grew up in Greece. She also has Spanish heritage. Because of all of this she says she has a vision of Europe filtered through the southern roots. Nevertheless she lives and works in Oxford, where she is Professor of International Relations at the University . In her last visit to Madrid she gave a conference in the Fundacion Areces about European economic governance.