“We need accounting experts with the courage of including intangible assets in balance sheets”

Julia Pastor | Board member at the Bermuda Monetary Authority, Professor Karel van Hulle considers that the current accounting standards, which changed last year, “is not good because since it does not recognize the change we are seeing in society whereby people want to have more future-oriented value in the balance sheet.” This is the second part of our conversation.

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"They ignored us in Europe, but when interest rates are at zero you have to use fiscal stimulus"

“They Ignored Us In Europe, But When Interest Rates Are At Zero You Have To Use Fiscal Stimulus”

Pablo Pardo | “In the 30s there was no econometrics and the economists could offer no advice on fiscal or monetary policy. In the last crisis the economists could offer ideas, say things like that, when interest rates are at zero, you have to use fiscal policy to stimulate the economy. This doesn’t mean that they listened to us. In Europe, for example, they pretty much ignored us,” explains William Nordhaus, Nobel laureate for economics in 2018.