"Cellnex has invested more than €3 Bn in 4 years and enjoys double digit grow"

“Cellnex Has Invested More Than 3 Billion In 4 Years And Enjoys Double Digit Grow”

Manuel Moreno Capa | In 2017, Marieta del Rivero was the first woman to be incorporated, as an independent, in the board of Cellnex Telecom, a company created in 2015. Marieta del Rivero proposes many other measures, at least temporary, to increase the number of women sitting on boards. Described in some media as one of the most influential women in Spain, she considers a change in corporate culture essential, “the great barrier to women being able to get to the top”

MEP Ramón Jáuregui

“We all know that unanimity is the thorn in the side of the European Union”

Ana Fuentes (Strasbourg) | Where should the EU look in the future? What are the priorities? At a time of rapid change, protectionism and nationalist populism, the European Parliament has approved a document of minimums called The Future of Europe. As inevitably happens in such plural institutions, it is neither binding nor completely satisfies anyone, but sets out the challenges the still 28 members have to confront together if the European project is not to diluted. We discuss it with Ramón Jáuregui, socialist MEP and rapporteur of the text.

"The most urgent thing is to finish the banking union to break the sovereign loop"

“The Most Urgent Thing Is To Finish The Banking Union To Break The Sovereign Banking Loop”

Julia Pastor | Born in Paris, Kalypso Nicolaïdis grew up in Greece. She also has Spanish heritage. Because of all of this she says she has a vision of Europe filtered through the southern roots. Nevertheless she lives and works in Oxford, where she is Professor of International Relations at the University . In her last visit to Madrid she gave a conference in the Fundacion Areces about European economic governance.

"The social market economy will be able to function, but it will need to be updated"

“The Social Market Economy Will Be Able To Function, But It Will Need To Be Updated”

Lidia Conde (Fráncfort) | Achim Wambach has been the president of the European economic think tank ZEW in Mannheim since 2016. He is also president of the antimonopoly commission and the Association for Social Policy. He forms part of National Platform on Electromobility and works in the advisory council of the State of Baden-Württemberg for sustainable economic development.

John Bogle, pioneer of indexed investment (1929-2019): "The managers' capitalism has betrayed the investors' trust"

John Bogle, Pioneer Of Indexed Investment (1929-2019):”The Managers’ Capitalism Betrayed The Investors’ Trust”

Last week John Bogle died, considered one of the major philanthropists in history.He did it through the Vanguard Fund, which he created in 1975, and which became the first indexed fund for retail clients. In September 2007, just a year before the collapse of Lehman Brothers, we had the opportunity to speak with him about the damage that “the capital of the managers” had caused to people’s savings. The following are some of the opinions he left us.

"They ignored us in Europe, but when interest rates are at zero you have to use fiscal stimulus"

“They Ignored Us In Europe, But When Interest Rates Are At Zero You Have To Use Fiscal Stimulus”

Pablo Pardo | “In the 30s there was no econometrics and the economists could offer no advice on fiscal or monetary policy. In the last crisis the economists could offer ideas, say things like that, when interest rates are at zero, you have to use fiscal policy to stimulate the economy. This doesn’t mean that they listened to us. In Europe, for example, they pretty much ignored us,” explains William Nordhaus, Nobel laureate for economics in 2018.

Madeleine Albright: "How much will Northern Europe pay to the South?"

“The Main Question Is: How Much Will Northern Europe Pay To The South?

When Madeleine Albright retired from the front line of politics in politics, she founded, first, an equity fund and then an equity management company and a consultant, ASG, which supports the internationalisation of US firms. But Albright has never really left the public sphere. Now she returns, at the age of 81, with a book: “Fascism: A Threat”.