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Italy At A Crossroads: Will It Save Or Leave The Euro?

Giacomo Bracci | The result of the latest Italian political elections has been interpreted by many observers as the outcome of deep, popular discontent. Recent developments in the country  have also revived the possibility once again of an Italexit in the political debate of the entire euro area.

Turkey's inflation reached annual highs of 12.98% last November

Turkey Has To Win Investor Confidence

The situation in Turkey is a good example of the negative consequences of stances which call into question the independence and credibility of the central banks. Currently, the deteriorating credibility of Turkey’s institutions make it fairly difficult for actions like the increase in rates (last week they were raised by 300 bp) to attract capital flows.

The European Commission has prepared safeguard measures to protect the EU steel industry

The EU To Impose Retaliatory Tariffs On The US

As all signs point to a trade war with the United States, should the US impose tariffs on EU steel and aluminum, the European Union has decided to immediately activate balancing measures as an alternative to US tariffs which are intended to take effect on Friday June 1st.

There are enough similarities between populist government in Italy and Syriza's developments in Greece

Greek Salad (Made In Italy)

Ioannis Glinavos via Macropolis | The creation of a populist government in Italy has sent shivers down the spines of those who have been following developments in Greece since 2015. Indeed, there are enough similarities to give rise to concern. The following discussion offers three key reasons why Italy (and Europe by extension) is about to head into some serious trouble.


EU Defences Without American Hegemony

By Israel Rafalovich | Things have changed on the international political stage, and the European in particular, that gives the European Union an unprecedented opportunity to mould and shape its own military and foreign policy in a way that makes it possible for the EU to deal with crisis on the European continent and elsewhere without American interference.

The two parties that are about to form the next Italian government are driven by a profoundly anti-democratic culture

Why We Should Worry About Italy’s Coalition Talks

The two parties that are about to form the next Italian government are driven by a profoundly anti-democratic culture. Their claim to so-called direct democracy exercised via the web on a platform owned by a private company is not just a staple of populism, but an attempt to fuel general discourse against any party in the name of the people.

Brussels proposes a new European bond (SBBS)

The European Commission (EC) could announce this week the details of a new sovereign bond, which would allow for progress to be made in the financial and banking union. According to the EC, it would provide greater financial stability both for governments and European banks in the face of future hypothetical financial crises.

Greece judicial system

Greece: the never ending story

At last, the Greek economy seems to be in a much more solid position. Greece once again saw positive growth rates in 2017 and it’s expected to maintain a growth rate of around 2% over the next two years. In spite of this, the financial sustainability of Greece’s public sector remains in doubt.