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The EU- China summit moves to open China's economy to Europe

EU-China Boosts Negotiations Towards an Investment Agreement

Israel Rafalovich | A remarkable summit between the EU and China in Beijing was marked by a turning point in Chinese views of the European Union. The summit unblocked talks about further opening of Chinese and EU market access and investment and speed up negotiations over geographical indications.

euro-dollar relationship

How Does The Euro Fit In The Currency Puzzle?

Where the euro may go in 2018 is such a central question and will have implications for global asset markets around the world. Christopher Gannatti, head of research at Wisdom Tree, thinks that “forecasting currencies is very much like putting together a puzzle”, at times requiring just as much art as data.

The transition probabilities of Brexit

Transition Probabilities For UK: Hard Brexit Only 10%

What will happen? Is the debate more economic or political? What probability is there that in the end there is no Brexit? According to the economist oat Morgan Stanley in the UK, former Treasury Secretary of Tony Blair, there is a 60% chance of a soft Brexit or “partial integration of the UK in the EU”.

Climate action is a condition for EU trade deals

Climate Action Is A Condition For EU Trade Deals

Israel Rafalovich | As the European Union embarks on a new round of trade talks voice are heard in the European Commission for the EU to enforce environmental and social clauses in commercial agreements. The French government presented at this year Environmental Council a proposal to add compliance with the Paris Climate Agreement as an essential element of the region trade agreements.

32 out of 59 central banks anticipate raising interest rates in 2018

32 out of 59 central banks anticipate raising interest rates in 2018

J.L.M. Campuzano | The ECB calculates that its extreme expansionary monetary measures have contributed nearly two points to European growth since 2014. The question now is whether the benefits of maintaining them outweigh the risks of prolonging excessively lax financial conditions too long.

Even before PM Theresa May undertakes further moves, the Tories seem torn apart

Brexit No Longer Holds The Tories Together

J. P. Marín-Arrese | Faced with a humiliating snub from Parliament, Ms May had to drop plans for going ahead with a hard Brexit, whatever the price. As she has suddenly switched to a confusing soft-exit proposal, Mr Davis wisely refused to carry it through. His resignation shows to what extent the UK has become cornered with no conceivable way out at hand. Johnson’s resignation shows the open rift and represents a direct challenge to Ms May’s leadership.

Who’s To Blame For Theresa May’s Meltdown – And Where Will It End?

 via The ConversationThe departures of David Davis and Boris Johnson clearly rip apart what appeared to be the makings of a fragile Brexit ceasefire among some of the big players in the Conservative Party. That ceasefire has now collapsed into open conflict and chaos. And while it’s foolhardy to make any firm predictions at the moment, it’s clear that May has a major crisis on her hands.