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must use surplus income, or what is knoFrance must use the ‘funding pot

Budget Balance In France And The ‘Funding Pot’

Robust economic growth in France in 2017, coming in at 2%, helps ease the restrictions on public finances. The other point worth noting is that the government must use surplus income, or what is known in France as the ‘funding pot’, to rebalance public finance rather than embark on fresh spending measures if it really wants to prove its commitment on public finances.

There could be a solution for Gibraltar after Brexit

A Solution For Gibraltar Among All Threats: A “Blurred” Sovereignity

The almost unanimous wish of the Gibraltarians to remain in the UE makes it difficult for them to fit into Brexit. There are proposals which will benefit everyone, and are far removed from the threats. The Real Instituto Elcano proposes following the models of Andorra and the Islands of Man, Jersey and Guernsey.

Greece is meeting fiscal targets and concludes program reviews on time

The Gruelling Final Straight Of Greece’s Third Bailout

Nick Malkoutzis via Macropolis | Much of the attention (domestically, at least) regarding the Greek programme has been on whether a precautionary credit line is needed or not. This has obscured other important elements that need to come together if the country’s third bailout is to be wrapped up promptly and successfully (to the extent this is possible) before it expires on August 20.

Italy's leaving the euro

The Italians Plans For Leaving The Euro…Or That This Blows Up

If I haven’t got the wrong end of the stick, Italy plans is to create a parallel currency to the euro, guaranteed by the Italian government, but which I don’t know who will control. A Bank of Italy? The government would issue these BOT, endorse them with the BI, which would give it the money to be shared out amongst the unpaid creditors. It seems a lot like Helicopter Money.

M&A are increasingly growing in Europe

There Is A Revival Of Corporate Deals (M&A) In Europe

Germany’s public services sector is undergoing a big consolidation process. And the European auto sector also seems to be increasingly driven by M&A. “Technology is a very serious catalyst”, Alphavalue’s analysts point. And dieselgate has been speeding up the process.