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Corruption deserves no mercy

MADRID | Spain has a lot to learn from political life in Britain or the US, where bipartisan broad agreement to engage into an objective and transparent way of working gives rise to thorough sensible proposals against corruption.

European press sighs at David Cameron’s UK exit threat | The British Prime Minister’s speech on January 23 on the future of relations between his country and the EU has made the front pages of most European newspapers. The idea of a UK exit provokes reactions ranging from outrage to–more frequently–understanding.

Complacency will prolong the eurocrisis

MADRID | By JLM Campuzano, Citigroup analyst | “Complacency has prolonged the eurocrisis at least one more year and has affected our access to market credit, which was somehow eased only when the European Central Bank promised short-term debt support.”

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Who wants to celebrate the Elysée Treaty? | By Arnaud Leparmentier | Paris and Berlin may be celebrating the anniversary of the Elysée Treaty, which founded their reconciliation, but their marriage has hit the rocks. The French are making faces at the economic success of the Germans, who aren’t holding back when it comes to pointing out the weaknesses of their neighbours. But we have to keep the love alive.

Euro periphery cuts distance to the core

The gradual recovery in price competitiveness of the countries on the periphery and particularly their restrained domestic demand have boosted the correction of the euro area’s current account imbalances. However, there’s still a long way to go.

The EU ‘lost generation’ must look at Germany | With every serious crisis we feel sorry for young people who cannot find work, calling them a “lost generation”. Well, there have been many such generations in history and they always succeeded in the end, writes Jędrzej Bielecki.

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BNP Paribas foresees reversal in Spanish labour market

The levels of unemployment registered by the Spanish labour market worry the whole of the eurozone, which is eager to see positive signs after Madrid implemented budget cut programmes and reforms. BNP Paribas said job creation is coming and will be quick.