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Spanish banks

The Level Of Consolidation In Spanish Banks Is Above European Average

The ECB’s preliminary report on the structural financial indicators relating to the EU banking industry flag that the number of banking subsidiaries fell 4.8% in 26 countries last year, without taking into account figures from the UK and Ireland because they were not yet available. There were 28,807 bank branches in Spain at end-2016, compared with 32,026 in Germany, 37,261 in France or 29,335 in Italy. The figures also show the level of consolidation in the banking sector, measured by the share of assets held by the five largest lenders.

rumblings in the euro land

Unpleasant rumblings in Euro land

James Alexander | As some debate raged in the corridors of the ECB about both Draghi’s successor and over when and how to end the QE for the EUR, the common currency remained strong, helping keep the USD weak.

European Directive MifidII

“MifidII is built on the foundations of MifidI’s main failures”

Fernando Rodríguez | The MifidII obliges the 100,000 professionals who inform and advise on finances in Spain to be accredited as being technically qualified to do this job by January 2018. Spain is the only country in Europe which doesn’t have any regulation in place regarding professional qualifications.

British expats in Spain to Uk elections

A Thousand Miles Away From The UK Election

In these uncertain times, politics seems to have lost many of the certainties that had been so clearly signposted for voters in the Western World in recent decades. The terms “left” and “right” have often become hard to pin down, especially since the arrival of a gamut of disruptive populisms.

Greek debt relief at the Eurogroup

The Wit and Will Of Men

Nick Malkoutzis via Macropolis | The stock phrases came thick and fast after Monday’s Eurogroup. “Great progress,” “very close” and “an agreement in a few weeks” were a few of the perennial quotes trotted out again by officials following a failed attempt to settle differences over Greek debt relief.