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BoE historical rate hike amidst dim economic prospects

BoE Hikes Rates For First Time In A Decade Amidst Dim Prospects Of Economic Growth

The BoE hiked on Thursday interest rates for the first time in more than 10 years by 25 bp to 0.5%. Given that UK growth continues at its lower potential pace with GDP forecasts at around 1.6%-1.7% between 2017-20, it seems that only one additional hike next year is likely. The country  has been the 4th weakest economy in the OECD so far this year.

The role of bank branches in the euro area

The Role Of Bank Branches In The Euro Area

Against a backdrop of unstoppable digitalisation, one of the objectives for the banks at the moment is to find a balance between their physical branches and this new digital approximation which clients want.

ECB's meeting to announce tapering

ECB: Testing The Exit

The ECB is expected to announce a reduction, or tapering, of its asset purchasing programme at today’s council meeting. In opinion of David Kohl, chief currency strategist at Julius Baer, “financial markets are well prepared for less support from monetary policy.”

Jamaican coalition to face up digital revolution

Jamaica coalition in Germany: Digital revolution and homeland

Merkel is negotiating a coalition government with the Greens and the Liberals – who propose opening the country up to the 4.0 world and creating a digitalisation ministry. Meanwhile, the chancellor warns that the idea of the homeland cannot be left to the increasing number of xenophobics in the country.


Brexit needs scope and time for creative thinking

Time Limits Risk A Brexit Crash

John Bruton | The current political system in the United Kingdom, and the anxieties and obsessions it has generated, determine the British position on Brexit. This expresses itself in an artificially inflexible and brittle interpretation of the 2016 referendum result. Scope and time are needed for creative thinking.