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Greece exits its 8-year-bailout -Are you not entertained?

Yiannis Mouzakis via Macropolis | The tone of the day is celebratory for some. After eight years, myriad Eurogroup meetings that lasted until the early morning hours and hundreds of billion euros in loans, the eurozone is probably happy that it doesn’t have to spend any more time, energy and money on this small country at the corner of Europe that represents 2 percent of the total eurozone economy.

Germany Eyes EU Commission Chief

By Israel Rafalovich (Brussels) As Jean-Claude Juncker announced his intention not to seek a second term as European Commission president Germany is entering the race for the job and possibly giving up the backing for Mr. Jens Weidmann, German Bundesbank chief, to succeed Mr. Mario Draghi as president of the European Central Bank (ECB).russels) |

Eurozone GDP growth in Q1 reached +0.4% on a quarterly basis vs a consensus of 0.6%

Eurozone companies´ optimism at minimal levels

BS Markets | The growth of the Eurozone economy continued in August, although “at a slower rhythm tan in the last 18 months”. Moreover, companies´expectations of future growth have fallen to the lowest level in almost two years, according to the data of the PMI study by consultant Markit.


Europe: A club for the old

Donato Ndongo | The Old Continent will soon be the continent of the old. With families ever less structure and birth rates falling, we should ask if countries without children and with single person households have a future.

The Geopolitics of Turkey’s Currency Crisis

Shaun Riordan | The currency markets seem to have given the Turkish Lira a temporary respite. But the underlying problems remain the same: an unsustainable current account deficit; excessive dependence on foreign currency denominated (especially dollar denominated) debt; and high inflation.

Rise in Unfair Trade Practices in The EU

Israel Rafalovich (Brussels) | A rise in Unfair Trade Practices in the EU detailing 46 ongoing investigations for unfair commercial practices in 2017 the EU Commission reported in its annual report.

Obsessed by minor issues, Europe forgets important things

Europe At Anchor

Obsessed by minor issues, Europe forgets the important thing. If it really wants to avoid a repetition of the banking crisis, it should apply itself to guaranteeing high and sustainable growth, as well as introducing solid cushions of own funds for hard times and a more efficient preventive supervision. However, reducing the problems of the Eurozone to no more than the health of the banks is an exercise in short sightedness.

EU Supports Spain On Migration

Israel Rafalovich | During a meeting on Friday in Brussels between the European Commission and the Spanish government both sides decided to continue the dialogue and cooperation on migration and especially in regard to the challenges Spain face because of the increased migration pressure along the Western Mediterranean route.

The lack of “integration” in the euro area showed up current account “imbalances” between “core” and “periphery”

Euro Area Woes

When an economy or area is jostled from monetary equilibrium, underlying “problems” show up. In this case, what became evident from lack of “integration” was the current account “imbalances” between the “core” and “periphery”.Using Germany and Spain as “representative agents” for the “core” and “periphery”, respectively, we get a good handle on the lack of integration.

the EU energy reform of Macron's agenda

Energy And EU Reform On the Macron Agenda

Israel Rafalovich | French President Emanuel Macron met with two southern allies, Spain and Portugal in his attempt to overhaul the European Union while Spain and Portugal are trying to get French help to connect the countries energy grids to Europe.