In Europe

Job creation grows in the Eurozone

The Eurozone Has Added 6.6 Million Jobs Since The Recovery Started In 2013

During the first half of 2017, the employment level in the Eurozone came back at its pre-crisis peak level. This was already the case for the first quarter but it has been confirmed for the three months to June, which reflects a catch up when growth is more robust and with less uncertainty”, says Philippe Waetcher, chief economist at Natixis AM.

Q3 earnings in Europe

Where Are New Earnings Coming From?

To have a closer look at where new money is coming from, Carax-Alphavalue focuses on Q3. They think the 2017 picture “is gaining certainty.” They also point that 2017 earnings should be up €101bn, which is the largest variation of the last 11 years excepting €170bn rebound in 2010.


The ECB Unlikely To Make A Move Today

The ECB governing board will meet today amidst a climate that doesn’t invite a move of any kind. It goes without saying that the only open option is whether or not to launch a discussion on how to undertake the tapering of its asset buying programme.

Next Italy's elections

Could Italy Benefit From A Hung Parliament?

Unlike next German elections, investors are getting nervous ahead of Italy’s elections, but  t the truth is that risks look much lower than a year ago these days. In fact, analysts at Citi Research don’t expect a ‘perfect storm’.