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EU car sales fall 0.4% in April

This figure implies a moderation in the fall in car matriculations in the EU. In March the rate was -3.9%%. In the year so far the fall is -2.6% which brings the total of cars sold to some 5.3 M.

European elections: end of an era

Ana Fuentes (Brussels) | In a week´s time we will know the results of the European elections, the road map of the EU in a delicate moment of great fragmentation. To think in the classical left-right divide is a mistake. What matters is playing out in a cross bordering way: those that believe in Europe, although they question it in many areas, versus those who seek fewer concessions and more returns, more power for the sovereign states, even though they receive European funds.

European integration: the next five years... and the following decades

European Integration: The Next Five Years… And The Following Decades

CaixaBank Research | The underlying conditions are in place for a new leap forward in the European integration process, but this is unlikely to happen over the next five years. The euro area will make progress in completing its institutional framework, especially with regards to the banking union. Defence, the relationship with China and migration are becoming focal points in the political sphere for joint decision-making (although this is still some way off).

Goodbye to Germany Ltd

Lidia Conde (Frankfurt) | Germany is its firms. Germany is Deutsche Bank, Bayer, Thyssenkrupp, VW. What German executive Dieter Zetsche said a few weeks ago, that “it is not clear that the brand Mercedes Benz will exist in the future”, symbolises the identity crisis generated by global pressure, digitalisation and the latest technological revolution. Many of the consortia which form part of the German economic identity are between a rock and a hard place. It would be the definitive goodbye to the so-called Germany Ltd.

Spain productivity

Spain will exit from excessive deficit procedure in June

European Economics Commissioner Pierre Moscovici confirmed on Wednesday that the European Commission will recommend that Spain exit the Excessive Deficit Mechanism in June. He did not specify exactly when the recommendation will be published, but indicated that it will be included in the Commission´s Spring Package, due to be published early next month. Technically the decision must be ratified by the member states of the Union, but this is seen as a formality.

'Brexitology': we could get to October without clarifying anything

‘Brexitology’: We Could Get To October Without Clarifying Anything

Ofelia Marín-Lozano (1962 Capital SICAV) | 12 April was the deadline for the UK to decide of it was going to leave the EU without an agreement or, on the other hand, seek a new delay. The worst scenario for markets, a no deal Brexit, has been ruled out. The EU have granted the UK a new delay, which ends at the end of October 2019, to see if they can finally come to some kind of conclusion.

Eurozone GDP grows 0.4% in Q119, doubling the rate of previous quarter

After the surprise increase in GDP in the US in Q119, we have learnt that, according to the preliminary data by Eurostat, the Eurozone economy grew 0.4% in the first three months of the year, doubling the growth rate of 0.2% registered in the fourth quarter of last year, while in the EU as a whole GDP grew 0.5% compared to 0.3% in the previous quarter.