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EU-Japan trade deal

EU: Political Agreement On EU-Japan Trade Deal Sealed

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe signed on Thursday a political agreement on the EU-Japan trade deal, which would be likely completed within months,expectedly by January. Officials said it was not clear at this stage how the EU-Japan deal would be ratified in Europe. Full national ratification gives every national parliament and some regional ones a veto.

Greece judicial system

Greece: There’s always the next parliamentary season

Nick Malkoutzis via Macropolis  | A stale parliamentary debate that rarely stayed on topic seemed a good way to wrap up another disappointing political season in Greece. The country has been stuck in a deep, dark hole for almost a decade and now it has a chance for a change in fortune. But its decision makers will have to display much more vision, determination and mastery than was on display in Parliament on Monday.

Not just rates weighin on banking margins

It’s not just interest rates which are weighing on banking margins

José Luis M. Campuzano (Spanish Banking Association) | It’s been balance sheet adjustments and the worsening of the deliquency rate which have been mainly responsible for the deterioration in banking margins over the last few years. It’s important for the ECB to establish a clear strategy for monetary normalisation for the future.

ECB's upcoming tapering

ECB Needs To Build A Macroeconomic Narrative To Justify Upcoming Tapering

Tapering will come anyway, largely because of technical/ political constraints around QE. The ECB will still have to justify this with a macroeconomic narrative. This is what the ECB President has set out to do.However, experts at BoAML believe that what he said yesterday in Sintra central bankers summit is also consistent with a very slow exit.

Eurozone's GDP increase

The Eurozone has geared up

Suprising as it may be, 18 of the 19 members of the Eurozone saw an increase in GDP in Q1’17 with respect to Q4’16. Spain’s GDP improved by 0.6%; Italy managed to grow (0.2%); Germany and France clocked up a 0.4% rise. Only Greece remained in the red. The unemployment rate in the region has officially fallen to 9.6%…there is growth.

Popolare and Veneto

Popolare And Veneto: Banking Rescue Italian Style

The recent rescue of two ailing Italian banks -Popolare di Vicenza and Veneto Banca-broke away from the standard bail-in procedures introduced by the EU. The trick used for implementing that circumvention was based on the official guarantee that the two lame ducks did not represent a systemic danger.