In Spain

Catalan separatism keeps up the pressure before the Supreme Court

Fernando G. Urbaneja | Throughout the trial of “separatism”, in concrete of the seditious activities carried out by the accused, the separatist strategy of discrediting Spanish democracy and its institutions (a form of the black legend) systematically using international fora and media, has, once again, remained clear.

The Spanish economy is waiting for a new government

Spanish Economy Is Waiting For A Government

Joan Tapia | The Bank of Spain, by raising its growth forecast for 2019 from 2.2% to 2.4%, has confirmed that the Spanish economy has begun the year better than expected. Thus are undone the catastrophic forecasts of some analysts and the political right.

Spain remains the outperformer in Europe

Morgan Stanley | The European Commission announced the end of the EDP (excessive déficit procedure) for Spain. This is good news but already expected by the markets. With growing risks in the rest of Europe, our analysts believe that Spain will remain the macro outperformer over the next few quarters thanks to its good fundamentals, with a gradual relative improvement in public finances, reducing debt and the deficit below 3% (the main reason for ening the EDP).

Spain: workers living in poor households increase

Olga Cantó Sánchez via The Conversation | In many developed countries inequalities in income and economic poverty has increased over the last four decades. Studies of the issue link this progressive increase to the lack of improvements in social policy to correct the growing economic vulnerability of broad sections of the population, which suffer from precarious work linked to temporary and part-time employment and low wages.


How much does it cost to update pensions in Spain in line with inflation?

Ángel de la Fuente (Fedea) | One of the most controversial aspects of the 2013 reform of the Spanish system of public pensions has been the introduction of a revaluation index (the so-called IRP) which linked the updating of pensions, once triggered, to the financial situation of Social Security, thus abandoning the traditional reference to inflation measured by the consumer price index (CPI). Given the measure´s unpopularity, once inflation recovered after the crisis, it did not take long for it to be provisionally suspended. Currently, there seems to be a broad consensus among the main politically parties to abolish it altogether, returning to the general indexing of pensions to the CPI.