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Spanish political scene: a new mould after 40 years of democracy

Spanish Political Scene: A New Mould After 40 Years Of Democracy

Following the series of articles by William Chislett which The Corner is going to publish on the 40th anniversary if the Spanish Constitution, today we are dedicating to know the intricacies of Spain’s political life during these years of democracy. Between 1982-2015, this was dominated by two parties, the conservative Popular Party (PP) and the Socialists. They alternated in power until two upstart parties, centrist Ciudadanos (Citizens) and the populist-left Podemos (We Can) won a significant number of seats in parliament.

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The Spanish market closed on Friday at 9,632.40 points, an increase of 1.76%

The Ibex 35 Recovers After The Censure Motion

Victoria Torre (SelfBank) | A tense day was expected in Spanish financial markets, with the vote on the censure motion against the government of Mariano Rajoy and doubts about whether the President would resign. He didn´t and the censure motion was adopted with 180 votes in favour.