China drags US farmers into trade dispute

China Drags US Farmers Into Trade Dispute

In response to the US tariffs on Chinese exports worth USD 50 billion, it threatened to impose levies of 25% on a range of US goods worth about the same amount, including soybeans. The US is one of two world’s largest sellers of soybeans, together with Brazil. China is the world’s dominant buyer, accounting for more than 60% of all imports

Putin’s re-election means stability in the corporate sector

Putin’s Easy Victory Represents Continuity In Russia

Vladimir Putin secured an easy victory, and a second consecutive six-year term, in yesterday’s first round of presidential elections. With 99% of the votes counted, he has received 77% of votes, which will extend his 18-year in power until 2024. Putin’s re-election means stability in the corporate sector, a favourable outcome for bond investors.

Multifaceted China: US Defends Against, Europe Cares About

“Even though Xi was already due to remain until 2023, the western media became very excited about China’s ‘imperial ambitions’ and may well have been the trigger for the increased talk on tariffs. The reality is however that the US policy of containing China has shifted gear,” says Mark Tinker, Head of AXA IM Framlington Equities Asia. The point of his following comments is to highlight the different attitudes to China currently pertaining in each continent.

OrientHontai buys 53.5% of Mediapro

Spanish Soccer In Chinese Hands: OrientHontai buys 53.5% of Mediapro

Last October the Chinese investment fund Orient Hontai agreed to buy a majority stake in Spanish sports rights group Mediapro for $1 billion in order to change the Asian country into a global soccer powerhouse. Today the deal has been materialised and Orient Hontai officially become new owner of the Spanish soccer championship usually known as la Liga, Europe’s third-richest league.

China is home to the world’s four largest banks by assets.

Chinese Bank Brands Outperform Global Peers

The brand value of China’s top banks increased by 22% in 2017, more than double the average growth experienced by the world’s top 500 banks. The value of the 45 Chinese bank brands on the top 500 list rose to $317 billion, while the 76 US bank brands on the list were valued at $260 billion in total, according to new research from consultancy Brand Finance.

Small nations at risk of becoming casualties in China-U.S. trade war

5 Things to Know About Trump in China

Caixin | President Xi Jinping is hosting U.S. President Donald Trump in China for the first time since Wednesday. Trump’s visit is part of his whirlwind Asia tour that saw him spend three days in South Korea.Trump will be accompanied by a business delegation that includes the leaders of 28 U.S. companies.

Trump takes on Tax reform

Trump Takes On Tax Reform. What Does It Mean For Investors?

After several months of buildup, the Trump’s tax reform was finally unveiled on September 27. To better understand the potential implications for investors, Curt Overway, CFA from Natixis Global AM offers insight on what the tax reform proposal means for investors’ portfolios. A few observations can be made.