World economy

The problem with US employment rate

By CaixaBank analysts | The reduction in doubtful loans, easier financial conditions and creation of households will continue to support the recovery in housing. But persistently low participation in employment is a source of risk for 2013.

In US we trust

MADRID | Europe is unable to deliver growth on its own. By sticking to fiscal virtue, no matter the price as Ms Merkel has recently voiced, it lacks enough stamina to get out of the current recession.

China needs more than just exports

China’s economic miracle was possible thanks to three decades of cheap manufacturing and exports. Thousands of workers left their villages to become the cheap labour force of China’s southern cities. Now this is a thing of the past.

Russians in Putin’s Russia

Evgeniya Khilji | Tensions between “Russians” and “others” can be observed more closely in Putin’s Russia’s large cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, where the concentration of legal and illegal immigrants is high. Ethnic Russians feel threatened by the large numbers of incoming ‘visitors’.

Global warming for a wealthier Greenland | By Annelien De Greef | For a long time, prawns were all that Greenland was famous for. However, the melting ice caps mean that natural resources are there for the taking. This development is both a curse and a blessing and one that puts the Danes in a difficult situation.

Hope turns into disappointment in Brazil

BARCELONA | By CaixaBank Research | Brazil’s GDP grows by a disappointing 1% year-on-year in the third quarter of 2012. Inflation fails to moderate and remains at 5.5%, above the central bank’s target.