World economy

Who is to blame for US economic troubles?

NEW YORK | By Ana Fuentes | Americans blame Bush more than Obama, who seems to be benefiting from the current economic stability. However, everything could change once the Fed stops injecting QE steroids.

U.S. hegemony is better than none

MADRID | By Antonio Arroyo | The U.S. is undoubtedly the world’s military leader: 40% or the world’s defence spending comes from the country and since 9-11 attacks the budget has been increasing until 2011 cuts. Although worldwide criticized by its espionage programs, the U.S. remain sort of a global moderator, which in the author’s opinion is better than having several countries doing the same or no referee at all.

The US-EU trade talks lose steam

MADRID | By JP Marín Arrese | The real task facing negotiators is tackling the non-trade barriers. Divergent regulation on goods and services represents a formidable hurdle for exporters on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Egypt coup endangers its natural resources

By Antonio Sánchez-Gijón, via capitalmadrid | In little more than fifty years, Egypt has gone from being the country with almost absolute power to regulate the use of the Nile, to be forced to negotiate with all countries upstream.

July 4: when you travel just to buy your fireworks

NEW YORK | By Ana Fuentes | With July 4 final preparations underway, millions of Americans bought their BBQ coal and burgers days ago. Their flags and beer coolers are all set, as well as their Independence-Day-customized backyards. But what about fireworks? Since purchasing them is forbidden in some states, people travel just to get them.