World economy

Make in India program

It’s Time to Make in India

The Make in India campaign is an attempt to encourage foreign investment and manufacturing in the country in sectors such as aviation, automotive, steel and defense. Modi’s India finally seems to be walking toward a future where the traditional reliance on red-tape and high-level bureaucracy is fading in the minds of foreign investors.

productivity, hours per work

Productivity Is Both Obvious And A Mystery

James Alexander | Productivity is much talked about but very little understood. Of course, it can be very simply stated as amount produced per hour worked, but amount produced is not easy to calculate.

Secular stagnation

What’s happened to the Secular Stagnation thesis?

As the global outlook improves, many people ask what’s happened to Larry Summer’s hypothesis of Secular Stagnation, which says there are clear signs that the economic world has been “cooling down” for decades. And currently, everything seems to make us think that the recovery we have on our doorstep is not going to be strong or long-lasting.

Trade deficit

The Trade Deficit Doesn’t Foretell GDP Changes

Justin Irving |  A banal assertion is often made in the financial press when trade deficit figures are released. If the deficit widens, the financial media will tell you that this is bad for the current-quarter GDP number. If the deficit narrows, you’ll hear the opposite.

currency manipulation

Is Currency Manipulation Still A Problem?

Barry Eichengreen via Caixin | During the U.S. electoral campaign, candidate Donald Trump repeatedly promised that he would brand China a currency manipulator on his first day in office. On Feb. 24 — his 36th day in office— President Trump then renewed his criticism, calling China a “grand champion” of currency manipulation.

Bonds linked to inflation

Inflation-Linked Bonds Are Back Against A Backdrop Of Rising Prices

Ofelia Marín- Lozano | As inflation increases, the TIPS (treasury inflaction protected securities) are the asset which offer the best peformance, ahead of commodities and equities (….)much better than traditional bonds in the case of rising inflation, very similar in the case of a decline in activity and worse in the case of falling inflation.

Donald Trump

Dismantling Donald Trump And His Policies

With his policies, particularly protectionism, Trump is about to throw the US’ world leadership in the bin. He sold an illusion to his voters since the industrial jobs which disappeared with globalisation and technology will not return. What is clear is that the consequences will hurt us all.