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Qatar crisis

How Does The Crisis In Qatar Affect Its Investments In Spain?

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Egypt, Yemen and Libya announced on Monday that they were cutting diplomatic relations with Qatar, alluding to this country’s links with terrorism. But how will this crisis affect Qatar’s investments in Spain? It could affect the sovereign funds’ investments in infrastructure as well as in the sponsorship of various football clubs.

The FAANG companies are moving Wall Street

The FAANG, Five Companies Which Move US Market

The FAANG, an acronym for Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google, are the five companies really moving the US market.  As a matter of fact, it is entirely dominated by Apple. And this firm’s expectations are what drives its share price.

Trump exits US from Paris agreement

The US joins Syria and Nicaragua in the anti-climate club

Trump’s rejection of the Paris climate agreement will have few substantial consequences as regards promoting home-made pollution. On the other hand, it may deter emerging economies, such as India, from delivering on their commitments in exchange for money, unless Europe foots the bill.

Mexico's automotive potential

Mexico: the potential of its automotive powerhouse

Mexico is an automotive powerhouse in its own right: it is fourth in the rankings of automobile exporters, coming immediately after the top three players, Germany, Japan and the US.  And there are important indirect public advantages which an automotive manufacturere can benefit from if it decides to set up operations there.

Trump right about German trade

Trump is Right about Germany, for the Wrong Reasons

Francesco Saraceno | I share with Donald Trump the belief that Germany is harming the world economy. (Ok, ok, it is not bad Germany, it is bad German trade. ). Yet, I think it is worth pointing out something trivial that is not emphasized enough. Trump is right about Germany, but for the wrong reasons. The problem is not the number of German cars circulating in the US, but the number of American cars not circulating in Germany.

euro-dollar relationship

The Multiple Faces Of The Euro-Dollar Relationship

Francisco Vidal | The emphasis put on the Federal Reserve’s actions and the US’ economy’s favourable performance over the last few years led to the debate over the possibility of the euro and the dollar reaching parity,  which gained momentum at end-2016 and at the start of 2017. But the euro’s fundamentals are currently better than expected and, in the future, can count on the support of the ECB.

China-US trade deal

China Emerges As Winner in Trade Agreement With U.S

Barry Eichengreen via Caixin | The trade deal announced recently by U.S. and China is not easy to evaluate, involving as it did everything from beef and poultry to liquefied natural gas. Washington and Beijing hailed it as an important breakthrough, but skeptical commentators dismissed it as little more than a repackaging of existing commitments.