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The Pending Issue Of Fintech Regulation: A Risk Or A Benefit For The Banks?

José Luis M. Campuzano (Spanish Banking Association) | Without doubt, banks can benefit in the medium and long-term from those companies which the term “fintech” encompasses. And competition in the short-term, particularly in the segments of payments and loans, is a small price to pay considering the synergies and the revitalising effect for the banks of being digitally closer to the client.


Pick Only The Weak Trade Balances, Easy Like Sunday Morning

Issuing decrees is the new tweeting. So far Trump’s pattern has been clear: focus on easy targets first using a very simple rule of thumb: use the trade balance to tell apart US friends from US foes. Hence despite the outcry, the economy and markets are gaining traction.

Asian markets

Asian Markets: Trump Matters For North, Fed For South

Assuming that Trump’s getting US presidency has turned global establishment upside down, markets are under currents of diverging US, but not leaving aside domestic factors. In the case of Asian, on one hand, the likelihood of stronger US data leading to higher USD rates is pulling Asia rates higher, as reported by BoAML. On the other hand, flush local liquidity conditions, lackluster pick up in domestic demand and easing stance of Asian central banks are pushing Asian rates lower.

Emerging markets

Emerging Markets Shielded With Capital Inflows In 2017

Emerging Markets capital inflows are slowing down only modestly, offering some protection in case of large outflows. Capital inflows to EMs are expected to slow down in 2017, although Manolis Davradakis at AXA IM does not believe they would fall off a cliff as in 2013-2015.

Narendra Modi

Demonetization: Modi’s Triumph or His Biggest Failure?

On November 8, 2016, Modi declared that Rs500 ($7.30) and Rs1,000 notes were no longer legal tender. He hailed demonetization as an iconic move to nip forfeit currency and corruption in the bud. Has Narendra Modi succeeded in removing black money from the economy or has he brought India to its knees?