World economy

Accumulated debt of highly indebted companies reached 1.2 Tn$ in 2018

Caixabank Research | The current expansionary phase in the US economy is on course to be the longest in history and so far has avoided upheavals. Nevertheless, over recent years, it has produced financial imbalances, especially in the corporate sector, which could destabilise the economy as a whole in an adverse economic scenario. Below we analyse it in more detail.


US-China strategic competition: US panicking at China’s big hedge?

Alicia Garcia Herrero and Jianwei Xu (Natixis) | After several peaceful months, the US-China trade has been taken back to central stage following Trump’s unexpected announcement to ramp up tariffs from 10% to 25% on Friday if no deal is reached by this Friday. Fears of resurged uncertainties spread among investors, tumbling world market over the past few days.

The Global Game of Thrones

John Feffer via Fair Observer | With wannabe monarchs like Donald Trump that show far less deference to democracy than the current occupants of Buckingham Palace and Kyoto’s Chrysanthemum Throne, who needs actual kings and queens?