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The Chinese local Black Swan

The size of what is owed could reach up to $3.2 trillion or $1.6 trillion at best. These figures are equivalent to between 20 percent to 40 percent of the country’s GDP.

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Boston attacks make Obama shift into national security mode

Terrorism is back high on the US national agenda. But how much more can America spend on security? In the new budget submitted by Obama to Congress, Homeland Security would receive a total of 39 billion in discretionary funding. This is just peanuts compared to the total Defense budget, which would reach a total of 857 trillion dollars.

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BitCoin Frenzy: Revolution or Fraud?

MADRID | By Javier Flores (Asinver) | For some, BitCoin is a bubble, even a pyramidal fraud. For others it’s the future of a free market economy. Worst case scenario, BitCoin could be a bubble, even a scam like Afinsa and Forum Filatélico, the two stamp ponzi schemes that imploded in Spain some years ago. 16,000 people lost their savings.

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The (bright) Spain you won’t get in some Anglo media

NEW YORK | A group of the most important Spanish companies presented their report “Spain, land of opportunities” in New York on Wednesday. The Business Council for Competitiveness (CEC), claim to represent more than 35% of Spanish GDP and 1.7 million Spanish employees. This is their side of the story. Economic propaganda, or real data that you won’t see in the FT nor the WSJ’s front page?