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A G20 meeting marred by trade restrictions

 The G20 finance and economy ministers will meet in Fukuoka (Japan) this weekend against the backdrop of trade restrictions. The World Trade Organization estimates that between October and May, 20 new restrictions on world trade have been introduced, worth 335.9 mm. $. These measures are linked to others that previously affected a volume of trade worth 480.9 mm. $, and most worrying is that more restrictions are expected. This compensates, Intermoney analysts argue, the liberalizing measures by value of 397.2 mm. € that were taken in the last months. 

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Jerome Powell wrestles with an intricate conundrum

J. P. Marín-Arrese | US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell faces the dilemma of choosing the right path, confronted with conflicting data and forecasts. While the US economy grew at a booming 4% rate in the first quarter, inflation trails far behind the Fed’s objective and salaries fail to pick up despite historically low levels of unemployment. Moreover, the trade tug-of-war with China is denting confidence in consumers and investors alike. Should the conflict turn worse, the economy might suffer a harsh blow.

The Fed sneezes, the world central banks catch a cure

The Fed Sneezes, The World Central Banks Catch A Cure

BoAML | A combination of weaker growth and low inflation is driving an ongoing monetary easing. So far this year, nine out of the 35 central banks we actively cover have cut rates and only three have raised rates. Over the rest of the year, we expect cuts by 14 central banks,

Oil: dipping below USD 60 as fears become fact

Oil Prices: Dipping Below 60 $ As Fears Become Fact

The Corner | For the second time this month, oil prices dropped below 60 $ per barrel. Growth concerns and a bearish market mood drove the latest sell-off, but fundamentals are now adding to the price pressure. US oil inventories swelled unexpectedly and led to a drop in oil prices.