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How much value have technological advances created?

Is the Internet Increasing Or Decreasing Productivity?

Atul Singh | How much value have technological advances created? On one side are internet bears who point out that productivity has been falling and the internet is not a big a deal. On the other side are internet bulls who argue that the internet has unleashed a new wave of productivity that is not captured by current measures accurately.

President Trump is right: The Federal Reserve is a big problem

President Trump Is Right: The Federal Reserve Is A Big Problem

The Federal Reserve is more or less protected from the demands of political parties. But what about the influence from ‘special interest groups’ such as the banking industry on Fed policymaking? “There is hardly be any doubt that the Fed caters, first and foremost, to the needs of commercial and investment banks, ” says a report from Degussa.

Bolsonaro’s victory will likely worsen an already acute crisis in Brazil

Bolsonaro Wins Brazil Election, Promises To Purge Leftists From The Country

via The Conversation | Bolsonaro’s victory will likely worsen an already acute crisis in Brazil, the second-most populous nation in the Western Hemisphere.Once a rising star in the developing world, Brazil has been mired in severe recession and political turmoil since 2015. Hundreds of politicians, including former President Lula, have been arrested and jailed in a judicial investigation that has exposed corruption at the highest levels of government.


Financing World War II: Lessons from Japan and the US

Financing World War II: Lessons From Japan And The US

Brazil elections: Whoever wins, debt reigns

Brazil Elections: Whoever Wins, Debt Reigns

Jair Bolsonaro, a right-wing populist, is the favourite candite to become Brazil’s next president against Fernando Haddad, the nominee of the Workers’ Party. Polls point Bolsonaro is ahead by 11 points. In this context, Brazilian public debt is at 77% at present. This is what analysts at AXA IM say about Brazilian’s “explosive” public debt issue.

The US is waiting for the impeachment

The US: Waiting For Impeachment

Pablo Pardo (Washington) | In global political and journalistic mythology, the word “impeachment” is loaded with meaning. In the city of Washington, where this curious political figure takes place, its importance is much less. In practice, the impeachment is no more than a vote of “no confidence” in the US President by the House of Representatives.