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Brazil'snext elections

Brazil’s Drama Of Unpredictability

Manuela Andreoni | As Brazil braces for its most important election in decades, hopes of stabilization are dwindling. The country is slowly stepping out of an almost three year-long recession, but uncertainty over what will happen at the ballot boxes later on this year is pushing debate on how to resume growth into a distant future.

Overbanking in Europe?

Overbanking?: Too Much Banking Or Too Many Banks?

It seems we have a consensus: Europe is overbanked. Zombie banks need to be allowed to fail and the process of mergers needs to be strengthened, particularly cross-border. But the US model is more of an exception than the rule and there are countries, like Spain, where the consolidation could start to be excessive.


Gold vs bitcoin

Why To Pick Up Gold Instead Of Bitcoins

Despite bitcoin has plunged below $10,000, almost halving in value from its peak price near $20,000 in late December, it is undeniable that alternative currencies are gaining attention against fiat currencies. However, as reported by Flossbach von Storch they all lack one characteristic absolutely necessary for money to have value over the long term: its existence as a commodity that has intrinsic value or can be changed into one that does.

The year of US infrastructures

The US: 2018 May Be The Year Of Infrastructures

2018 may be the year of the infrastructures. Perhaps it won’t be the best or the most efficient plan which emerges. But what’s clear is that something has to be approved which allows Donald Trump to cut the ribbons on motorways, bridges and other more or less large structures.