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US Is About To Repeat The Errors Of The Past

Pablo Pardo (Washington) | In 2008 they hardly demanded anything of someone seeking a mortgage. They were the famous Ninja credits (‘No Income, No Job, No Assets’). Today, in the US, to sign a mortgage requires the buyer to out his signature at least 33 times, plus 6 or 7 more in which he must put his initials in boxes esecially designed for them. It is only one of the changes experiences in the world’s superpower since Lehman Brothers went backrupt a decade ago.

Where Did The Lehman Brothers’ Fire Begin?

On the tenth anniversary of the fall of Lehman Brothers, multiple analyses and opinions can be read on the origins of the crisis. Two have caught my attention: that of Ben Bernanke, who headed the team which avoided the crisis turning into a new 1929, and the opposing view of Paul Krugman, who says that he does not see the connection, and believes that it was a crisis provoked by the collapse of the housing market.

Ten Years After Lehman, The Crisis Is Not Over

Currently no one is really satisfied on the way the great recession of 2008 has been solved. As Philippe Waechter, chief economist at Ostrum AM, points, “banks profitability is back to a higher level but, even with a stronger regulation, no one is totally convinced that it would resist to a new major crisis.”

Google setback to China

Google’s Playbook to Succeed in China

L.B. Chong via Caixin | The cat is out of the bag: Google LLC is reportedly working on a trial version of a filtered search app for China after a hiatus of eight years. Although Google subsequently reiterated that it was not close to launching a search service in China, this is still big and deeply divisive news.

US equities shine despite war trade fears

US Equities Shine As Trade War Worries Grow

Global equities have held up fairly well in light of the generally negative news flow, entirely driven by the United States, where stocks are up 9.6% year to date, while the euro area, Japan and emerging markets have underperformed. In this context, the Research team from AXA IM points that earnings momentum remains “robust” with the second quarter earnings season posting “positive growth” and “surprising” on the upside across most major regions.

China is Africa’s largest trade partner

Private Chinese Companies Primed for Success in Africa

Jeremy Stevens via Caixin | When the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) was established in 2000 to strengthen China-African economic cooperation and trade, the rest of the world was perhaps bemused. Bilateral trade and investment was minimal and African economic prospects unpromising. Now, just 18 years later, China is Africa’s largest trade partner and bilateral trade and investment ties are growing rapidly.

US property prices

Is The US Economy Really “Booming”?

Justin Irving | The word “boom” evokes some temporary period of above-average economic growth. The Roaring 20s, the plentiful 50s and 60s and the Dot Com era. Because booms are characterized by unexpected levels of economic growth, asset prices, which had not priced in the growth, rise sharply. Is this what is going on US economy today? Not quite.