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Cement And Construction Materials’ Companies Are Stuck

The construction materials’ sector is one of the few where EPS growth is accelerating between 2017 and 2018. But to be fair, there has not been much positive news for the construction materials/cement sector this year. Valuations don’t scream out “an attractive buy” in the short-term.


France: How to maintain the CFA Franc?

Since its creation in 1945, the CFA Franc is considered as “an insult to the sovereignity of the African countries”, according to numerous experts. The offensive against this currency resurfaced on the eve of the last French elections. The leading politicians felt themselves obliged to comment on the issue.

It is all about tencent in China

Asian Markets: It Is All About Tencent In China

Asia has been the best performing region globally this year because of China being the best performing market and tech being the best performing sector. In Hong Kong in particular the impact of Tencent has been extra-ordinary as the largest stock in the market with a current weighting of almost 12%.