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Frontier markets on the front foot

Vietnam & Cambodia: Asian Frontiers On The Front Foot

In the mind of many investors, frontier markets are a black box of uncertainty, characterised by unstable leadership, volatile currency, and questionable corporate governance. However, broad investor aversion has created some of the most compelling bottom-up investment opportunities of any asset class.

US equities

US Means Over 50% Of Global Market Cap, But Not 50% Of The Opportunities

The collapse in the “greed index”, the exchange traded note XIV that was an inverse of the VIX, was behind the speed and magnitude of the drawdown in equities over last weeks, but was simply amplifying an existing fragility that has grown out of the post GFC obsession with low volatility. This is just “market mechanics”, as explained by Mark Tinker Chief Economist at AXA IM Framlington Equities Asia in one of his last notes.

A period of stagflation waas seen in the 80's

Are We Going To Be Talking About Stagflation Once Again?

After US inflation beat estimates in January, it’s likely the market will end up putting even more emphasis on the possibility of seeing inflation rates higher-than-expected months ago, or even stagflation. And, unfortunately, this will continue to spark potential over-reactions which would give way to strong, quick movements.

India enters the era of Sanatan socialism

India Enters the Era of Sanatan Socialism

Atul Singh and Manu Sharma | The Indian government’s latest budget courts the poor with an indigenous brand of socialism that relies on financial transfers and private provision of services in an election year.

China World Bank lending

Efforts to Cut Off China From World Bank Lending Are Misguided

Scott Morris via Caixin | Overshadowed by China’s role as the world’s creditor is the uncomfortable reality that it also continues to be one of the largest recipients of multilateral assistance through major development agencies like the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. This juxtaposition of China as lender and borrower has marked a long simmering tension with the West.