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The Impact Of Exchange Rates On Euro Stoxx 50 Companies

Any sharp movement in exchange rates usually has an impact, in the short-term, on global firms’ stock prices. This is true for those included in the major indices of reference, companies which sell, produce and make profits throughout the world.


What Really Drives Latin American Equities

Latin American equities have been on a wild ride in recent years. After heavily underperforming global equity markets until 2015, their fortunes have turned. As pointed by Deutsche Bank AM, the MSCI Latin America Index is up by more than 20% in 2017. A closer look at correlations reveal Latin American equities correlate with metals and mining, not with politics.

Capital hikes of Spanish companies record high

Clouds Over US Outlook, Sunshine In Europe

While the euro area managed to sustain its upbeat momentum over the summer months , market doubt s about the trajectory of the US recovery have started to deepen. As economic growth becomes less dependent on accommodative monetary policy, markets are increasingly focusing on politics and the ability of governments to implement fiscal and structural reforms.

central banks incompetence

Central Banks Hide Their Incompetence

This was heard at Jackson Hole: “The cyclical recovery was gathering both pace and geographical breadth, thanks in part to the stimulus efforts of central bankers, the European Central Bank president said, adding that even if inflation remained low, the euro area economy was “gaining ground”. The Fed and the ECB feel they have done all they could. What a cop-out!