Ferrovial, Técnicas Reunidas go for the British nuclear plants

By Tania Suárez, in Madrid | The Spanish companies Ferrovial and Técnicas Reunidas (TRE) have joined forces to bid for British nuclear plants. According to UK Government, the British Nuclear Plan would entail a substantial £50 billion investment over the next decades. Ferrovial and TRE have already sealed a framework agreement to work together in large projects related to construction, engineering and operation of nuclear plants.

Experts from Bankinter point out that the first target is the installation of several nuclear reactors at Wylfa (Wales). And analysts from Banesto explain that in the short term, the Spanish companies could take part in the construction of a reactor for German groups RWE and E.ON. They also estimate investments at €60 billion.

According to Ahorro Corporación Financiera (ACF), within the aims of this Spanish consortium stands out the installation of nuclear plants with 6,400MW of capacity for EDF, and 6,000MW for E.ON and RWE.

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