Mediaset could unite Mediaset España with the parent company to confront Netflix

Mediaset and NetflixMediaset

Renta4 | According to Bloomberg the Italian parent company is considering various options for Mediaset España (TL5), among them combining its business to confront the competition from platforms like Netflix.

No details are offered over how the businesses would be combined, but it could include a takeover. To take control of the 48% that its does not yet control would mean paying 1 billion euros.

It is not the first time that this possibility has been rumoured (in September 18 and January 19 it was denied). As to whether the operation would make sense, the movement would responde to an attempt to gain size and international representation within Europe, to which are added the attractive multiples found in Mediaset España. Objective Proce 7.56 euros/share. Overweight.