Roaming fares and air traffic capture Friday’s market chatter

BANKIA highlights the very solid figures for two relevant Amadeus business areas: European distribution (53 % total bookings) and Asia Pacific IT (17.7% del total PB, rising by +57% in 2013 thanks to intense migration to this region, reinforced with Korean Air in 2Q14.

BANKINTER. Amadeus announces a buyback bid on German leading tech company i:FAO for the whole capital. The company got the approval of 68.5 % shareholders for such operation.Fixed price is €15/share. Analysts find takeover bid reasonable as for multipliers as well as meeting Amadeus’ strategic and expansiveplans showed with recent steps like Intercontinental Hotel Group agreement.

AFI. ECB opens the door to quantitave easing and keeps interest rates. The monetary authority brings about Internal Rate of Return drops, stock markets rises and euro depreciation.

SANTANDER. Credit Suisse is one of the most solid entities in terms of balance sheets in the sector despite the €382M provision for litigations in the US. Analysts recommend its subordinate debt.

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