Tsipras starts to flesh out SYRIZA’s economic policy but questions remain

The opposition party had been under pressure for several months to produce more detailed plans about how it would govern. The attention afforded to Tsipras’s speech at the Thessaloniki International Fair on Saturday was heightened by the decision of public broadcaster NERIT not to televise the address amid claims of political interference. Instead, only his press conference on Sunday was shown.

An opinion poll published ahead of Tsipras’s appearance in Thessaloniki indicated that SYRIZA continues to lead New Democracy in the opinion polls. The Metron Analysis survey put the leftists on 23 percent and the conservatives on 20.4. The challenge for SYRIZA is to boost these numbers further by solidifying its base and gaining credibility with voters who are abandoning the coalition.

Tsipras’s speech contained elements that were meant to appeal to both of these rather different groups.

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