Why, Berlusconi, why?

No one wants to discuss the right of “The Cavaliere” to run again (even if, for a year, he insisted he had no such intention), but it is intolerable that the majority shareholder in the technocratic government – which, let’s remember, still includes the ex-prime minister who had left Italy on the brink – should wake up one morning and wash its hands of it.

It is intolerable that Monti is being accused of having caused all of Italy’s problems, without acknowledging the work he did in just a single year. Faced with the inability to govern and the profound distrust of Italians in the party system, Monti’s government was supposed to safeguard the balance-sheets of the State and to carry us over to fresh elections.

The pact was that each would share his burden of responsibility (and unpopularity) to try to avoid the bankruptcy of the country, without succumbing to the lure of populism and the temptation to profit from social unrest.

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