Why Has Spain’s Banking Sector Rally Been Suddenly Cut Short?

The Spanish banking sector’s stock market rally has been suddenly cut short. The listed banks’ index  had risen over 45% since the minimum levels of June 2016 until the first week of January. But since then, it is seeing a correction. Two matters of concern for investors are the impact of the floor clauses ruling on the banks profit and loss account, as well as the problems of the Italian banks.

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Car manufacturers in 2017

Car Manufacturers Have A Hard Time In 2017

Concerns about auto sector in 2017 are rising as US president-elect Donald Trump threats against US companies relocating their production to Mexico. Local players have capitulated to the President-elect’s dictates- Ford cancelled plans to build a new Mexican plant- which suggests that the industry’s spine is a weak one after all as it lobbies its way into the new balance of power.

corporate debt

Why Have Corporate Debt Issues Soared At The Start Of 2017?

The start of a new year is normally a good time for corporate debt issues, although in the first few days of 2017 there have been a greater number of these than in previous years due to the ECB’s purchase programme.  According to Bloomberg, in the first few days of January European companies and banks have issued almost 50 billion euros of debt, double the amount issued in the same period of 2016.
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