Spain’s trade deficit in May was 2.110 Bn€, an increase of 2% yoy

According to data from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Spain´s trade deficit in May 2019 rose to 13.179 Bn€, an increase of 8.6% yoy. In this period, the coverage rate (exports compared to imports) was 90.3%, compared to 90.8% in May 2018.

Link´s analysts highlight that in the period analysed the export of goods increases 1.9% to 122.4696 Bn€, while imports reached a value of 135.6486 Bn€, an increase of 2.5% yoy.

“The non-energy balance shows a deficit of 2.9732 Bn€, compared to the 1.6892 Bn€ in May 2018, while the energy deficit has reduced by 2.3% yoy to 10.2059 Bn€. In May itself the export of goods increased 5.5% yoy, to 26.691 Bn€, while imports increased 4.9% to 28.802 Bn€, which represents a 2% increase yoy. In May the coverage rate was 92.7% compared to 92.2% in May 2018.”