Abertis has approval of Atlantia's bid

Atlantia Wins The First Round In The Bid For Abertis; ACS Will Make The Next Move

Spain’s stock market regulator yesterday accepted Atlantia’s bid for Abertis, acknowledging that the content of the explanatory document presented by the Italian company is sufficient and in line with current regulations. The approval also gives Atlantia the possibility of improving its offer and establishes the period for ACS to consider its eventual competing bid.

Abertis mirrors Spanish economy’s take-off

BARCELONA| By Julia Pastor| In present Spain’s context of timid recovery, any positive sign in any sector is more than welcome. Abertis, the world’s largest toll road operator running more than 7,300 km, announced the country’s 2014 road traffic figures increased for the first time since 2008. The firm also forecasts a global spending of more than €1.3 bn in the current year. Yet Abertis partly reflects the Spain of  bankrupcies and bail-outs. The company is major stakeholder of some recently collapsed motorways expected to be saved by the authorities.

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Abertis, ACS do not fear the UK

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | In spite of the many difficulties that Spanish construction companies find in the UK, these firms remain undeterred and…