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Eurogroup to park economic stimulus talks

BRUSSELS | By Alexandre Mato | EU finance ministers are meeting in Milan on Friday to focus on Ireland, Greece and Cyprus exit plan to leave their IMF-EU financial assistance programs. The much-needed debate about economic stimulus and growth is not on the agenda, nor will be Scotland, despite the thorny economic implications of an eventual yes vote in the upcoming referendum.

Spain dispels the threat of a bailout

By CaixaBank Research | Tensions have eased in the sovereign debt markets of the periphery. The government is preparing to reform Spain’s public sector in 2013.

Give Spain fair targets, or damn the euro

“To avoid the euro zone spinning out of control, conditions imposed on Spain should be tailored to be fairly met. That inevitably involves further flexibility in its deficit goals,” says economist JP Marín Arrese.

Spain needs growth to do its homework

MADRID | The weakness of Oliver Wyman’s Spanish banking test is similar to that of the national budget, economist JP Marín Arrese opines. Without growth, Spain could be rescued only to see risk premiums and credit costs decreasing. The threat of a depression would still loom.