Bank of Spain

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Market chatter: An agreement to soften stress tests conditions for Spanish banks

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | European Banking Association and the Bank of Spain agreed to take into account borrowers’ non-property guarantees to assess the situation of Spanish entities in the upcoming stress tests. Bankinter analysts believe that “such guarantees, which are usually pledging of assets like deposits, shares and/or by consignatures, mean a certainty of collection for banks.” Also,  Amadeus has been one of the most attractive values in the Spanish Ibex 35.

Bank of Spain

Spain reaches 0.4% GDP 1Q growth –the fastest rate in 6 years

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | Spain grows slowly but at a firm pace. Bank of Spain estimates that the country’s GDP increased by 0.4% in the first three months of present year against previous quarter when it rose 0.2%. This also means that year-on- year rate climbs by 0.5% reaching positive territory for the first time after nine consecutive quarters falling. After a painful recession, the government was euphoric to announce the biggest leap forward in six years.


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Market chatter: down the road to a banking union and much more

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | In a crucial day for the long-awaited banking union in Europe, market makers also chattered about many other issues, like the Bank of Spain -which has denied it plans to subject Spanish lenders to stress tests this month- achieving less tough criteria for Spanish banks in the upcoming EU stress tests.

View of the Bank of Spain headquarters (Madrid) from Plaza de Cibeles (square).

What the Bank of Spain will do next

MADRID | By Ricardo Cantalapiedra | capitalmadridA significant body of proof suggests the disasters in the sector were caused not by the institutions itself, but by their executive members. The Bank of Spain will be charged with supervisory powers.

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There is no plot against the euro

By Luis Arroyo, in Madrid | Here you are, Spain’s updated accrued passive account with Target2 or intra-system operations pending compensation. Its sheer volume and…


De-dramatising Spanish banking resolution

MADRID | Words containing the Latin suffix “tio” tend to raise passionate sentiments. Just think of “revolution” or even “Constitution”, a rather harmless expression nowadays that…