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The long road towards creating a safe European asset

CaixaBank Research | The European Commission is looking at how the banks can have a more diversified portfolio of public debt securities. It is studying how to obtain a safe European asset without having to establish a tax union to back the issue of said asset.


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Mobiles vs Branches: The future for EM banks distribution

LONDON | May 30, 2015 | Cristina Marzea (CFA) | All the buzz these days is about digital banking: will banks lose business to disruptive entrants, or will they fight back and embark on a massive digital revolution which will see the branch concept become obsolete. Not all EMs are the same – this refers to levels of bancarisation, credit penetration, technology and mobile adoption, as well as the competitive banking landscape that shapes where each banking market is in the technology cycle. 

TLAC proposed calendar in 2015

TLAC next steps: Quantitative Impact Study

BBVA Research | March 30, 2015 | The TLAC’s public consultation period ended on 2nd February. Now is the time for carrying out a comprehensive Quantitative Impact Study (QIS) to define the optimal calibration of the TLAC. The FSB will assess the potential impacts on financial system, financial stability and the real economy. 

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UK Banks: 6% unlucky for some

LONDON | The Corner | The issue of capital tension has been the key driver of BNP Paribas’ UK bank recommendations over the last nine months, and this remains the case. These experts have no Outperform ratings with the exception of Lloyds – which should broadly meet all three parts of the UK framework within 18 months. They believe this consultation is particularly unhelpful to Barclays.