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Germany, the Same Ol’ Song

MADRID | By Luis Martí | In Germany, coalitions are frequent at all levels of government, with a degree of formalization and publicity which was minimum before (in the Adenauer Era), but which has shown an extensive “coalition contract” since 1969. The current contract, initialled on 27 November, has yet to be ratified –and it’s expected that the process will be brief where the CDU and the CSU are concerned, but not so much in the case of the SPD, which must be subject to a vote of approval by its affiliates.

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Rajoy and Hollande Team Up For Euro Zone Banking Union

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | Amidst their talks about economic policies and speed railway connections between Spain and France, both Mariano Rajoy and François Hollande met in Madrid on Wednesday. However, the visit bottomline is to seek for a common stance on banking supervision.

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Banking Union progresses at a snail’s pace

LONDON | By BARCLAYS | EU Finance Ministers adopted the regulations that pave the way for a single bank supervision in the euro area. As we had expected, however, they failed to make significant progress on a single resolution mechanism. As long as the banking union remains incomplete, the link between banks and sovereigns will not be fully broken and financial fragmentation will continue to prevail.

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IMF to Brussels: Hurry Up with Banking Union; Germany: Not Yet

NEW YORK| By Ana Fuentes | Don’t fall asleep with your banking union, the IMF urged the EU on Wednesday, or you won’t be credible. The Washington-based institution also called for an agency that would close or help troubled banks from a national to European level. Everyone in Brussels seems willing to compromise… except for Germany. The elections are over, but Berlin is still sticking to its tough stance. 

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The ECB On the Age of Banking Union

THE CORNER TEAM | By Zsolt Darvas and Silvia Merler via Bruegel | During the crisis the European Central Bank’s roles have been greatly extended beyond its price stability mandate. In addition to the primary objective of price stability and the secondary objective of supporting EU economic policies, we identify ten new tasks related to monetary policy and financial stability.

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Don’t hurry; the banking union won’t start tomorrow

MADRID | By JP Marin Arrese | Angela Merkel is now more powerful as chancellor than before, and the Euro-sceptics have lost their influence over the future of Germany’s and Europe’s issues. However, despite all the good intentions, it is more than likely that Banking Union and the European integration will be relegated to a mere supervisory exercise.

Banking Union fails to fly

MADRID | By JP Marín Arrese | Depriving the ECB of the capacity to deal with ailing entities does undermine its authority as a supervisor in a Banking Union.

Banking union: advancing in fits and starts

BARCELONA | CaixaBank research | The German proposal for an alternative Banking Union are destined to fail: mere cooperation between national authorities would not guarantee that decisions are taken in the interest of Europe’s financial system as a whole.