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The bridge to connect Asia: the Wakhan corridor

The Bridge To Connect Asia: The Wakhan Corridor

Mirwais Parsa | China, an economic giant, has started the move to revitalize the ancient Silk Road. Its ambitious Belt and Road (B&R) initiative includes a major investment in South Asia: the $46-billion Wakhan corridor, which would connect if built, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, bringing stability to the region.

Balkan silk road

China’s Footprint In Southeast Europe: Constructing The “Balkan Silk Road”

Jens Bastian via Macropolis | The “Balkan Silk Road” is the name given to the transport route and logistics corridor China has begun to establish in the Balkan region even before the official launch of the BRI two years ago. The Balkans, and by extension Southeast Europe, is a region where China can empirically test various elements of the BRI. The “gate towards Europe”, as the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang termed Greece during a visit in 2014, initiates the Southeast European corridor of the Silk Road.