The Bitcoin Bubble: Invaluable but Overvalued

Ignacio de la Torre and Leopoldo Torralba (Arcano Partners) | Regarding Bitcoin, we are reaching a point where there is great confusion between the price and the value. If I buy a Bitcoin at $6,000 I would expect a higher value that justifies the greater risk that comes with it (it is extremely volatile, over 60%; while the volatility of currencies like the euro or dollar are less than 3%).


Gold vs bitcoin

Why To Pick Up Gold Instead Of Bitcoins

Despite bitcoin has plunged below $10,000, almost halving in value from its peak price near $20,000 in late December, it is undeniable that alternative currencies are gaining attention against fiat currencies. However, as reported by Flossbach von Storch they all lack one characteristic absolutely necessary for money to have value over the long term: its existence as a commodity that has intrinsic value or can be changed into one that does.

Crytocurrencies turn ten years; 2019 could be the year of tokenization

Bitcoin From A Market Monetarist Perspective

Bitcoin record mark

Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies, Under Suspicion of A Bubble

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) issued last week a statement banning ICOs, while also planning to shut down local cryptocurrency exchanges. In order to combat capital flight, money laundering and other fraudulent activities, Chinese authorities have decided to disallow trading between fiat currencies and digital currencies within China. This has led to prices of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin sliding over the weekend.

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Inflation indexing and Bitcoin rhetoric

FRANKFURT | By Dr. Beate Reszat | The other day, the New York Times provided us with an example of how fads and fashions can be used to draw attention to, and win acceptance for, an economic argument. In his article ‘In Search of a Stable Electronic Currency’ Nobel laureate Robert Shiller proposed the introduction of an inflation-indexed unit of account similar to the Chilean unit of development or unidad de foment (UF) which is existing since the 1960s. The article is in large parts a summary of the ideas of an academic paper the author published in 1998. In short, its main argument says that recent progress in computer technology has considerably widened the possibilities of inflation indexing which would allow for a better pricing, contracting and risk management in an economy.

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Why China’s Central Bank Took the Regulatory Lead on Bitcoin

BEIJING | By Liu Xiao via Caixin | The People’s Bank of China is the first regulator in the world to issue rules on the virtual currency, a move that prevents a Bitcoin breakthrough. Apparently, what really concerns the central bank is bitcoins replacing the yuan.

Bitcoin That New Toy for Dummies

Bitcoin, The New Toy for Dummies

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | Bitcoin is increasingly present everywhere: newspapers, books, all over the Internet… and everybody seems to be infatuated with this new currency. However, it isn’t as fabulous as they make us think. It’s tricky and it could endanger even more the already damaged global economies.