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Crypto Corner: Bitcoin Extends Losses

Adam Vettese (eToro) | Bitcoin has extended its losses this morning, with the cryptoasset losing another 0.5% to add to yesterday’s 4.5% fall. The key resistance level of $10,000 is proving to be a difficult hurdle to overcome, with several failed attempts this month. It is now back trading close to the $9,000 mark. Bears could see this as a sign the momentum may be shifting following the two month price rally.

Crypto Corner: JPMorgan Chase providing banking services to crypto exchanges

Adam Vettese (eToro) | Investment banking giant JPMorgan Chase has begun to provide banking services to cryptoasset exchanges, according to reports. The Wall Street Journal first reported overnight that both Coinbase, the largest US-based bitcoin exchange with more than 30 million accounts, and Gemini, which was started by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, have agreed a deal to use JPMorgan’s banking services.

Cryptocurrencies turn ten years; 2019 could be the year of tokenization

Bitcoin Halving: It’s Finally Here¡

Simon Peters (eToro) | This week, the Bitcoin block reward halving will happen, possibly as early as today. We don’t know the exact date and time as it happens automatically after 210,000 blocks are mined rather than a defined date and time, but if you want a New Year’s Eve style countdown, check out I’ve covered the technical details of halving in previous newsletters, so I won’t go over them again. The important thing to note is that the block reward to miners will halve from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC, hence the name of the event.

Cryptocurrencies turn ten years; 2019 could be the year of tokenization

While coronavirus rages, bitcoin has made a leap towards the mainstream

Iwa Salami via The Conversation | Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will probably not be killed off by the COVID-19 crisis or indeed any other market event. With the growing market in crypto lending, these services look pivotally positioned to replace traditional banking services in the coming years. If more countries make similar moves to the ones I’ve highlighted above, crypto-assets could even become entrenched in the financial mainstream very soon.

The Bitcoin Bubble: Invaluable but Overvalued

Ignacio de la Torre and Leopoldo Torralba (Arcano Partners) | Regarding Bitcoin, we are reaching a point where there is great confusion between the price and the value. If I buy a Bitcoin at $6,000 I would expect a higher value that justifies the greater risk that comes with it (it is extremely volatile, over 60%; while the volatility of currencies like the euro or dollar are less than 3%).


Gold vs bitcoin

Why To Pick Up Gold Instead Of Bitcoins

Despite bitcoin has plunged below $10,000, almost halving in value from its peak price near $20,000 in late December, it is undeniable that alternative currencies are gaining attention against fiat currencies. However, as reported by Flossbach von Storch they all lack one characteristic absolutely necessary for money to have value over the long term: its existence as a commodity that has intrinsic value or can be changed into one that does.

Crytocurrencies turn ten years; 2019 could be the year of tokenization

Bitcoin From A Market Monetarist Perspective