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UK conservatives

Four Reasons to Doubt UK Conservatives Will Win In Landslide

David Downing via Atlantic Sentinel | Last week marked the last prime minister’s questions before the British election in June and seems a good place to examine the reasons Theresa May might be less secure that she seems. While her Conservative Party is 21 points ahead of Labour in the polls — its biggest lead in almost a decade — there are four reasons to doubt it will stay there.

spain's anti-brexit machinery

Spain Government Is Greasing Its Anti-Brexit Machinery

The country which tried to invade England in 1588 may become its best ally. After the 28 European partners held their Summit in Malta at the beginning of February, this was the Bloomberg headline regarding the relations between Madrid and London during the Brexit negotiations. But the question of Gibraltar remains a thorny one.

Theresa May

Theresa May Crosses The Rubicon With Open Challenge To EU

Ms May’s pledges to maintain a solid alliance with her European partners hardly match her open challenge to the EU. Conscious of the fact that any soft Brexit would entail concessions on open frontiers for people plus a humiliating acceptance of the Community acquis, she has crossed the Rubicon, severing links with the internal market and other EU disciplines.

Brexit Is More Complicated Than You Think

John Bruton | In June, the people of the United Kingdom may vote to leave the European Union (EU). At the moment, a narrow majority favors remaining in the EU, but a large group is undecided. That group could swing toward a “leave” position for a variety of reasons, including what might be temporary EU problems with refugees. However temporary the reasons might be, a decision to leave would be politically irreversible.